Architetture dei sistemi di controllo in epoca IIoT

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Con l'avvento dell'IOT, le architetture dei sistemi di controllo presentano varianti sempre più focalizzate ed innovative.

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mcT Petrolchimico Milano novembre 2018 workshop

da Alessio Rampini
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Milano, 29 novembre 2018 Gli atti dei convegni e pi di 10.000 contenuti su Control System Architectures in
the age of IIoT
Massimiliano Veronesi
Product Marketing Manager
Process Automation and Safety Systems
Yokogawa Italy A long history Traditional Architecture System Database Sensors input / actuators output
(I/O modules) Control
(CPU modules) Supervision System Network I/O Bus Local and/or Remote I/O Field Control Station Up to 50 Km (by optical fiber) Local Node Interface Unit Remote Node Interface Unit System Network (1Gb/sec) Human Interface Station ' Redundant power supply, comm. modules and bus ' Local or remote connections ' Proprietary or public protocols New Trend: the Universal I/O Field Control Station Up to 50 Km (by optical fiber) Remote Node Interface Unit System Network (1Gb/sec) Human Interface Station ' Redundant power supply, comm. modules and bus ' Local or remote connections ' Proprietary protocols AI AO AI AO AI AO AI AO AI AI AI AI AI AI AO AO DI DO DI Relay DO DI DI DO DO DO DO DI DI Relay DO Relay DO Relay DO Relay DO AI AO AI AO AI AI Pulse Pulse DI DO DI DO DI DI Relay DO Relay DO Analog Signal Digital Signal Mix Signal From hardware to software cross-wiring Sma rt IO Sma rt IO Smart JB ' N-IO FO Cable Ter min al B oa rd Ter min al B oa rd Duct Terminals Marshalling - FIO Prefabricated
System Cable Instrument JB Homerun
Cable Field Field LCR LCR Universal I/O in the JB Cabinet and Cabling Reduction Conventional I/O Signal Wiring I/O Signal Wiring with N-IO Field Enclosure Marshalling Multi core cable Optic Fiber CCR CCR N-IO Universal Configuration reduces Marshalling
Installation of N-IO Field Enclosure at Field reduces Multi core cable Field site Field site Simplified documentation Flexible Installation ' Flexible Installation: N-IO Field Enclosure's Electronic Units(Power base unit and IO base unit) can be installed at any
time. ' Field wiring work and installation of electronic equipment work can be separated. ' Flexible Installation enables to keep away electrical equipment to be installed in N-IO Field Enclosure from an
inappropriate environment. ' Dusty environment at module yard and site during installation. ' Harsh environment on ship during process module transportation. 1. Enclosure installation 2. Filed wire connection 3. IO base unit installation 4. Power base unit installation Power Base Unit IO Base Unit DCS N-IO field enclosure SIS N-IO field enclosure Available both for DCS and for SIS ' Installation of N-IO Field Enclosure reduces ' Wiring ant Terminations
' Equipment Room Footprint
' FAT Duration
' Pre-commissioning time The virtualization challenge Virtualization Technology Overview ' Virtualization is a technology used to make a single piece of physical hardware look like multiple pieces of logical hardware or multiple pieces of physical hardware look like a single piece of logical hardware. ' A virtual hardware environment created using the logical resources is called a Virtual Machine, and an operating system installed on the Virtual Machine is called the Guest OS. ' Computer performance enhancements and the advancement of virtualization enables multiple virtual machines on a single Physical Server. This allows hardware resources(CPU, Memory, HDD, NIC, etc..) different operating systems and Applications to run independently from each other. Physical Server Hardware Memory CPU HDD Virtualization Platform (Hypervisor) Virtual Machine Guest OS Application NIC Each Independent Virtual Machine Guest OS Application Virtual Machine Guest OS Application Types of Virtualization software (Host type) ' The virtualization works as an application on the host OS such as Windows, Linux ' VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, etc Virtualization S/W Guest OS APP Hardware APP Host OS APP Virtual PC Types of Virtualization software (Hypervisor type) ' Works as the host OS
' PC resource can be consumed as much as possible for virtual PCs ' VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, RedHat KVM, etc. Virtualization S/W Hardware Guest OS Guest OS APP APP APP APP Virtual PCs Virtual PCs Comparison between Host type and Hypervisor type ' For server virtualization in working environment, hypervisor tends to be adopted ' Official support of Yokogawa systems are also in hypervisor type Host type Hypervisor type Acceptability Easy to use Some level of
knowledge is required Resource usage Larger overhead (Lower performance) Smaller overhead
(Higher performance) Security Low High Scale Small Large Functionalities Small Large The Virtualization based architecture OWS Opc FCS SCS Vnet/IP EWS SENG IMS FCS SCS Vnet/IP Thin clients (RDP) Before After Hyper-V on Windows Server 2016 VM Guest OS HIS/ENG VM Guest OS HIS VM Guest OS PRM VM Guest OS Exaopc VM Guest OS SENG Soft stack Soft stack Soft stack Soft stack Soft stack 22 Field Control Stations Vnet Router Safety Control Stations Plant Asset
Management Plant Information
management Vnet System 3rd party system
Subsystems Real Time
Control Network Unified
Station Engineering
Station Human Interface
Station Configuration of Virtualization System Vnet/IP Real Time
Control Network SCS ESB Bus ESB Bus FCS FIO FIO Field Control Station Safety Control Station Safety Control Station Field Control Station N-ESB Bus N-ESB Bus N-IO Type A N-IO Type S FCS(NIO) Type R N-ESB Bus Field Control Station VM HIS Guest OS VM HIS/ENG Guest OS VM SENG Guest OS VM PRM Guest OS VM Exaopc Guest OS Hyper-V on Windows Server 2016(Host OS) FCS FCS SCS Thin
client Thin
client Thin
client Thin
client Thin
client Thin
client Virtualization server KVM server
console Shard
storage Virtualization server 26 About the project
execution Next Generation Platform Delivery Excellence Smart Engineering Customer Benefits Our Approach APEX Smart Engineering Delivery Excellence ICSS technology CONVERGENCE Agile Project EXecution Removing Waste and Minimize Customization Flexible Binding and Late Changes Lowest Cost, Consistent Quality Removing waste and Reducing cost in all Projects Customer Benefits Our Approach ' Predictable Engineering, No Engineering Surprises
' Optimize Space Utilization (Power, Weight, Cooling)
' Minimize Travel (Reviews, Testing, Validation)
' SEPARATING LOGICAL FROM PHYSICAL ' Module (class) based engineering
' Re-usable Applications
' Standard Panels
' Global PC, preconf. switches
' Virtual (remote) test Delivery Excellence ICSS tehnology Smart Engineering Smart Engineering Class module Class-based Application module Drawing module Module binding Instantiation Classless Application module DR0001 DR0002 DR0010 Instance List From physical to logical Customer Benefits Our Approach ' Minimize Waste
' Robust time management
' Validated & Optimized Integration ' Consistent Risk Mitigation
' Functional Safety Management
' LEAN execution based on 3R
' Basic Design Toolkit LEAN: reduce waste through innovation 3R: Right people, Right location, Right timing Smart Engineering ICSS technology Delivery Excellence Effective delivery SILC: System Independent Loop Commissioning AD Suite Master Database I/O Binding N-IO HMI Site work without HMI and Controller - Instal and wiring - Devices parameter setting - I/O check Controller Factory work without I/O - Application coding by using labels - Application FAT I/O' Concurrent work Return fixed I/O information Get I/O Tags & information STEP 1 I/O' Device parameter setting & loop check STEP 2 STEP 4 App Generate reports automatically STEP 3 Reduce delays and be assured of starting production on schedule Avoiding Project Delays Smart Configurable IO Designed & constructed on site Virtual I/O wiring Application validation during FAT Last minute software marshaling From Waterfall to Agile Source: laSalle Almere 35 New Challenges for the Control Systems 36 Production Management Process Control Performance
Optimization Asset Effectiveness Oil Movement Terminal Logistic Laboratory Data Integration Energy Management System Data Reconciliation Plant Performance Monitoring Production Management Production Supervisor Production Tracking Bridge to ERP Systems Operator Training Simulator Alarm Rationalization Operator effectiveness (Advanced Operator Graphics, Modular Procedures Automation, Control Loop Performance Monitoring) Advanced Process Control Asset Effectiveness Safety Assessment Cyber/Network Security Beside the process control ' Plant-wide temperature data sensing Challenges Solutions Benefits ' Reduce plant shutdown risks by monitoring the entire plant and taking preventive maintenance ' Identify the failed spot to take immediate countermeasures
' Difficulties in monitoring wide areas with the existing sensors due to technical and economical reasons ' Enable no-blind-spot temperature monitoring (not achieved by the existing sensors) ' Find failures and provide countermeasures quickly by detecting hot spots on surfaces of tanks and furnaces ' Apply a single optical fiber that goes 50 km, the longest in the industry, and capable of massive data sensing of 30,000 per 10
seconds ' Usable in flameproof area and no influence by the lightening or electromagnetic noises ' Real-time monitoring of the entire plant and its equipment status
' Minimize unplanned shutdown risk by preventive maintenance
' Improve profits by greatly reducing equipment maintenance costs DTSX distributed temp. sensor For IIoT For safety management Measure surface
temperature of tanks and
furnaces to enable trend
analysis Detect fires for equipment with long
distance (e.g. belt conveyors) IoT in the temperature measurment ' Centralized plant data management Challenges Solutions Benefits ' Reduce operators work load and improve plant safety
' Acquire data of both control system and other devices to utilize for various improvement activities ' Use data analysis to seek potential in optimizing plant operation ' Acquire and accumulate massive, highly accurate, real time data over multiple plants ' Utilize collected data for a variety of applications
' Acknowledge and utilize data in the field using tablet PC
' Support OPC UA (planned), which enables secured communication ' Use applications to identify and rationalize issues and realize continuous improvement activities ' Reduce work loads of operators by operating the plant efficiently and improve safety ' Respond quickly to troubles by sharing information among the troubled spot, central control room, and office Data utilization with various applications Varieties in data monitoring and acknowledgement methods Production management Quality
control Maintenance
management Inventory management Operation management (Big) Data Analysis ' DaaS: Creating value beyond the plant ' Visualize the supply chain for proactive management
' Reduce cost on the supply chain
' Maximize the supply chain performance by managing the life cycle of equipment and assets ' Visualize the supply chain by Real-time Data as a Service (DaaS) beyond the boundary of a plant ' Inter-connect co-owners, suppliers, and customers with service- based collaborative business model ' Realize proactive supply chain management environment by tools such as dashboard, alarms, and report ' Improve lifetime performance of equipment and assets
' Reduce cost of overall supply chains Challenges Benefits Solutions ' Proven security & service level since 2000
' Experts in real-time data management
' 750+ satisfied customers Understanding the operations Rationalizing the operations System Database Wired I/O Remote Control Supervision Remote monitoring Company LAN System network Bus I/O Information management Asset Management Field Busses interfaces CLOUD DaaS Optimization APC
(MPC, FLC) A more extended scope of supply for a MAC Safety Wired I/O Local Conclusions ' Universal IO ' Flexible Binding
' SILC: System Independent Loop Commissioning
' Smart Junction Box ' Effective engineering ' Module based engineering
' Separation between logical and physical
' Bulk Generation
' Auto Documentation with Module
' Industry Library (DCS/SIS) ' Efficient delivery ' Standard Cabinet / Hardware Design
' Global PC
' Preconfigured network Switches ' New architectures, extended scope of supply ' The Virtualization Challenge
' Complete DCS-SIS integration
' Cybersecurity
' PIMS, MES, Data Analytics in the scope ' APC, Energy Management growing Instantiation Envision a plant that Thinks and Performs ' A rethink of project execution in view of major shifts in technologies ' A need for end-to-end solutions and services for optimum plant performance ' An intelligent plant based on Smart Engineering, Advanced Operation, IIoT enabling technologies & Sustainable Plant lifecycle solutions & Services Thank you Any question ' 52 Proprietary info goes here'

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