Integrazione tra SIS e DCS: tecniche e funzionalità

(in lingua inglese)

- Segregation vs integration
- Safety certified communication
- Benefits of a single platform ICSS

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SAVE ottobre 2017 Il PLC di sicurezza. Esperienza applicative nel macchinario e nel processo

da Alessia De Giosa
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Veronafiere 18-19 ottobre 2017 Gli atti dei convegni e pi di 8.000 contenuti su Cogenerazione Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore 27 ottobre Cogenerazione Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore Alimentare Alimentare Petrolchimico Alimentare 28 ottobre Alimentare Petrolchimico Alimentare Alimentare Petrolchimico Visione e Tracciabilit 28 ottobre Luce Energia Domotica LED Luce Energia Domotica LED SAVE 2017 - Anipla DCS - SIS integration:
methodologies and functions.
1 A. Padovani, Yara M. Veronesi, Yokogawa SAVE 2017 - Anipla 2 1. Segregation vs. Integration 2. Safety certified communication 3. Benefits of a single platform ICSS 4. Conclusions SAVE 2017 - Anipla 3 Segregation vs. Integration SAVE 2017 - Anipla Safety Page.4 Risk reduction ! Safety standards IEC61508 IEC61511 SAVE 2017 - Anipla Protection Layers SAVE 2017 - Anipla How to meet different point of view ' Page.7 ' Safety (IEC61511) ' Segregation
' Separation
' Safe operation Plant optimization ' Integration
' Ergonomics
' Availability SAVE 2017 - Anipla The Integration between ESD and DCS (1) Page.8 ESD as a subsystem - Multi-vendor solution - Physically separated networks - different networks ' additional modules required (Modbus, Profibus, ..) - typically slower (serial) communication - poor embedded HW diagnostic - heavy engineering (comm. Register map, alarms..) - No integrated SOE ESD Eng. HMI EWS DCS ESD SAVE 2017 - Anipla The Integration between ESD and DCS (2) Page.9 ESD in the OPC network - Multi-Vendor Solution - Physically separated networks - ESD data available for all OWS / HMI in the network - Redundant OPC (DA + A&E) server needed - Data not always available for DCS controllers - Limited HW diagnostic - Additional engineering for OPC (automatic browser not always available) - Different functionalities for DCS tags and OPC tags HMI EWS DCS ESD OPC server ESD Eng. SAVE 2017 - Anipla The Integration between ESD and DCS (3) Page.10 ESD Eng. ESD in the System Network - Single-vendor solution - one (redundant) certified network - High-speed communication - Full built-in HW diagnostic + system reserved switch - no additional engineering at DCS side - Integrated alarm list and SOE - One single HMI style (safer operation !) - Integrated Instrumentation Management System (AMS) - Partial stroke testing - One single data gateway to the PIMS/MES level ESD DCS EWS, HMI (*): may reduce layers of protection More integrated solution SAVE 2017 - Anipla ProSafe-RS & CENTUM VP/CS 3000 DCS SAVE 2017 - Anipla 12 Safety Communication SAVE 2017 - Anipla True Integration of DCS and SIS Page.13 ' Data exchange between Safety controllers
-> TUV approved Safety Communication. Vnet / IP HIS DCS Controller Safety Controllers Safety communication ' Data access to Safety Controller
-> No interface module is required. Safety Data to FCS No affects to safety communication SAVE 2017 - Anipla Band segregation and Domain segregation Page.14 PLC communication HIS-HIS communication Open communication
Control communication Bus 1 OPC Open Vnet PLC Open HIS Open Vnet HIS Open Vnet Control communication GSGW Open Vnet APCS Open Vnet FCS Vnet Bus 2 PIMS Open SAVE 2017 - Anipla Time synchronisation Page.15 ' Synchronization through ICSS Network SAVE 2017 - Anipla Additional Safety Layer Vnet/IP CENTUM VP HIS Safety communication Safety Data 1 2 7 Black Channel Application Layer Data link Layer Physical Layer Non safety communication 1 2 7 Safety Layer Safety Data 1 2 7 Safety Layer 1 2 7 Non safety Data Non safety Data No affects to safety communication SAVE 2017 - Anipla SIL3 inter-SCS Communication Page.17 Additional safety layer In place of the application layer
Encryption, CRC, watch-dog
Sequence nr., timestamps
Reserved memory for safety data
Task priority: safety functions executed even in case of endless loop of non-safety routine
Password control for download operation and
override execution No failures on ICSS network communication can affect the safety function ! SAVE 2017 - Anipla Safety Communication inter SCS Page.18 ICSS Network SCS Sender (Producer) SCS Receiver (Consumer) Value Function Block Consomer Encrypted Variables Block Diagnostic SYS_DIAG Status Value Diagnostic Safety communication Encrypted Variables Value Function Block Producer Block Diagnostic SYS_DIAG VNet Status SAVE 2017 - Anipla 24 Benefit of an single platform
SAVE 2017 - Anipla Benefits from the integration Page.25 ' Same HMI ' Single navigation
' Same faceplate (higher safety when operators are in troubles)
' Same Trends views
' Same Alarms/Event management
' Similar HW diagnostic ' High-speed redundant communication ' Domains segregation ' Integrated Engineering of 2 segregated platforms ' No communication maps (read/write, byte/word/float etc..)
' Integrated FB shared with DCS by equalization
' System reserved diagnostic bits available ' Integrated Instrument Management Systems (Partial Stroke) ' One single port to upper layers systems (PIMS, MES, APC) SAVE 2017 - Anipla Same OWS for DCS and SIS Page.27 ' Tag access from/to HIS to SCS ICSS Network ProSafe-RS SCS HIS - Faceplates - Trends - Graphics - System views - Alarms - SOE Centum FCS SAVE 2017 - Anipla Same HMI for Operators Page.28 Integrated DCS-ESD graphic windows and Navigator SAVE 2017 - Anipla Same instruments Faceplates' Page.29 ' except for the color of the Logo.. ;) SAVE 2017 - Anipla Same Alarms window and operation Page.30 Different folders for DCS and ESD SAVE 2017 - Anipla Same Hardware diagnostic Page.31 - Node/ Module status - Database info. - CPU scan period - CPU loading - Communication loading - SCS operating mode - SCS security level - Number of forcing - Temperature status - Battery status etc. SCS Status Display SAVE 2017 - Anipla Integrated SOE Page.32 ' SOE resolution 1ms Date & Time Tag name Description Value In yellow trip event information SAVE 2017 - Anipla ESD Engineering Segregation' Page.33 ' Engineering ' IEC 61131-3 Function Block Diagram, Ladder Diagram, Structured Text ' System & I/O configuration ' Test (Simulator on PC) ' Self documentation ' Version Control Declare the variable to be shared with the DCS SAVE 2017 - Anipla ' But Integrated Page.35 ' The standard Centum builder (System View) adds SCS to the system. ProSafe-RS SENG creates a Prosafe-RS tag list available for CentumVP. CentumVP ENG equalizes the tag list from SCS stations. SAVE 2017 - Anipla Integrated Instrument Management ' VIP (VigilantPlant Integration Partner)
Launched since February 2007. ' Dresser ' Flowserve ' Metso ' Samson Ethernet Vnet/IP(Control Network) ENG SENG PRM Server
PST Scheduler Server PRM Client
PST Scheduler Client HIS ESD Valves HART Multiplexer SAVE 2017 - Anipla 37 Integrated DCS-ESD @ YARA Italia. SAVE 2017 - Anipla DCS-ESD integrated in global network SAVE 2017 - Anipla DCS-ESD integrated in global network Tot. 17 DCS/ESD controllers SAVE 2017 - Anipla Customization for each SIF 40 Initiators POS (by HW input coming from real key) MOS (by HW input coming from real key)
Ritengo che un punto di forza del lavoro sia stata l'interfaccia delle SIF implementate sulle HIS.
Le informazioni che gli operatori hanno a disposizione praticamente totale, e la semplicit
dell'interfaccia sviluppata tale da rendere quasi superflua la documentazione cartacea sull'
implementazione della logica e le soglie di blocco, un vero valore aggiunto.
SAVE 2017 - Anipla 41 Conclusions SAVE 2017 - Anipla Key Features of ProSafe-RS Page.42 IEC 61508/61511
ISA S84.00.01
EN298 (Bms)
EN54-2 (F&G)
G3 Ansi/ISA S71.04 Safety layer allows granting safe communication (TV certified) among
safety controllers SIL 3 level protection in single configuration Easy and powerfull integration with DCS SOE, alarms, trends, HMI, PST, .. SAVE 2017 - Anipla ProSafe-RS Installation Map 44 SAVE 2017 - Anipla Thank you for your time Any question ' 45

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