Sensori per il Monitoraggio della Qualità dell'Aria

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L'interesse e l'attenzione alla misurazione della qualità dell'aria, richiede sensori ad alte prestazioni con bassi range di rilevamento ed elevata accuratezza. Honeywell può offrire un range di prodotti per qualsiasi tipo di rilevamento.

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Honeywell gas Sensors

Covid 19 Impact changed the dynamic in the world
More attention has been paid to measuring the air quality

Buildings are now viewed differently
- Indoor air quality is becoming a focus as people are spending more and more time indoor
- Research is finding direct links to air quality and personal health increased a lot.
- Sensing and control is continuously increasing due to regulatory and governmental requirements, especially in regards to pollution, occupant wellness.
- Monitoring air quality globally has become significant, many new air quality station and portable sensor have been developed in the last year.
- Multiple monitoring stations are functional across the globe.
- Need high performance sensors with low detection limits to acquire correlation and accuracy of parameters

Continuous Innovation
- Electrochemical gas sensors existed before City Technology however, with key technological limitations
- City Technology's game changing innovations enabled a paradigm shift in the history of gas detection and life safety
- Many gas detector manufacturers today can trace their origins back to the innovations, made by City Technology, in the 1970's & 1980's

- Honeywell continues to innovate in gas sensing technologies, performance and packaging, and process capability:
- Next Generation digital 'Smart' sensors - iSeries
- Automated sensor manufacturing
- 300+ products meet the needs of 99% of sensing applications
- Volume manufacturing capability leading to flexibility of supply mand fast delivery times
- Automated manufacturing resulting in out of box failures lower than 0.0008%
- Technical and commercial support through 5 regional sales offices

Q7 Gas sensors are designed to be used in environmental applications with a variety of gases detected: Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Ozone (O3), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and allows for a lower-cost solution to the Optical Monitoring Stations

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