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Core Gas Sensor Technology
Markets Served
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Key Applications
NEW Long Life Oxygen Sensor
City Technology Vision -“The right sensor can save a life”

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da Benedetta Rampini
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Veronafiere 17-18 ottobre 2018 Vi aspettiamo a mcT Petrolchimico Milano, 29 novembre 2018 Cogenerazione Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore 27 ottobre Cogenerazione Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore Alimentare Alimentare Petrolchimico Alimentare 28 ottobre Alimentare Petrolchimico Alimentare Alimentare Petrolchimico Visione e Tracciabilit 28 ottobre Luce Energia Domotica LED Luce Energia Domotica LED Petrolchimico Alimentare Petrolchimico Petr City Technology
SAVE 2018 This is City Technology Product & Technologies Brand Strategy Key Industries Key Customers ' Products: Gas sensors used in gas detection instruments to measure hazardous concentrations of gas - protecting lives and assets
' Technologies: Electrochemical, catalytic bead, optical World's largest manufacturer of gas sensors ' City Technology is a premium gas sensing brand
' Sel s to Honeywel gas detection brands and other third party OEMS.
' Strapline: Engineering Safety Industrial safety (73%)
Emissions & air quality monitoring (15%)
Residential & commercial (6%)
Medical (4%)
Automotive (2%) ' Industrial safety - HA, BW, ISC, Scott/Tyco, Crowcon
' Emissions & air quality monitoring ' Testo, RBR, Kane, Woehler, Bacharach
' Residential & commercial ' System Sensor, Ei, HA, Apol o
' Medical ' GE Healthcare, Ikaria, Bedfont
' Automotive - ESP The Right Sensor Can Save a Life This is City Technology
World's largest manufacturer of gas sensors Find out more Facts about City History Scale of Business ' Produces 5m sensors pa ' Employs 420 people ' Manufacturing in 4 sites, 2 in UK (Poole and Portsmouth), 1 in Germany (Bonn), 1 in China (Xian) ' City makes a sensor every two seconds of every working day
' City's innovations in the 1970s enabled the widespread use of portable gas detection
' City sensors have been used in space by NASA ' Visit ' View the video ch'v=Z1sr5W8vPjg
' Download the Sensor Finder app The Right Sensor Can Save a Life 1977 - City Technology founded 1980-81 - Toxic gas CO & H2S 1985 ' Queens Award for Technology 1988 and 1993 ' Queens Award for Exports 1991 ' Pel istors 2000 ' Acquired by First Technology 2006 ' Acquired by Honeywel 4 City Today
' World's leading gas sensor manufacturer for industrial safety ' Manufactures 4.5 mil ion sensors annual y, or one sensor every 2 seconds ' Manufacturing facilities in UK, Germany & China, employing 400 people ' 300 different sensors detecting 28 different hazardous gases ' 24/7 Global Technical and Commercial Support ' Global customer base City Technology Evolution 5 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s TODAY ' Research at Wolfson Unit for electrochemistry ' City Technology founded 1977 ' Developed oxygen sensor, universally adopted ' Developed toxic sensor range ' Help to drive H&S practise ' Development of Pellistor technology ' Increased range of toxic sensors ' New applications ' Exotic toxic gas sensors (Sensoric) ' Optical sensors (NDIR) ' Miniature gas sensors ' Semiconductor sensors ' Longer life sensors (O2 etc) ' More robust & reliable ' Smaller & lower power Continuous Innovation 6 ' Electrochemical gas sensors existed before City but with key technological limitations ' City's game changing innovations enabled a paradigm shift in the history of gas detection and life safety ' Many gas detector manufacturers today can trace their origins back to City's innovations in the 70's & 80's TODAY
' City continues to innovate in gas sensing technologies, performance and packaging, and process capability: ' 300+ products meet the needs of 99% of sensing applications
' Volume manufacturing capability leading to flexibility of supply and fast delivery times ' Automated manufacturing resulting in out of box failures lower than 0.0008% ' Technical and commercial support through 5 regional sales offices ' City Technology - Core detection
- Volume manufacturing ' Solid electrolyte technology -Breakthrough technology
- Impact on wearables ' Sensoric - Specialist gas detection ' PID Sensors - Coming soon 8 sites 450 employees Business Locations Core Gas Sensor Technology ELECTROCHEMICAL TOXIC & OXYGEN ' Amperometric fuel cell technology utilising liquid or solid electrolyte and catalyst electrodes PHOTO IONISATION DETECTOR ' Utilizes high energy photons to ionize volatile organic compounds(VOC) gases NON DISPERSIVE INFRA RED ' NDIR sensors measure absorbance at fixed wavelength to determine concentration of target gas CATALYTIC BEAD PELLISTOR ' Employs catalytic combustion to measure combustible gases and vapours at % concentration levels SOLID ELECTROCHEMICAL SENSORS ' Screen printed solid polymer electrolyte sensors based on electrochemical sensing technology in miniature packaging Markets Served 9 Industrial Safety
Industrial processes increasingly involve the use and manufacture of highly dangerous substances, particularly toxic and combustible gases. Escapes of gas occur, which create a potential hazard to the industrial plant, its employees and people living nearby. Emissions & Environmental
Commercial and domestic emissions from furnaces, power generators and boilers, and environmental air quality from biogas to harmful gases such as CO, SO2, and NO, are monitored and often regulated to ensure compliance to regulatory safety standards Medical
Medical covers the life safety requirements for anesthesia, neo- natal, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and breath analysis of patients requiring monitoring status, delivery or expiration of gases Domestic / Residential
Growing regulations and focus on the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning within domestic and residential settings as wel as industrial and residential fire threats Product Ranges 3 Series | Industrial Safety Fixed | Echem ' Large robust industry leading toxic sensor design
' Comprehensive range for Safety and Emissions applications
' Suitable for fixed-type detection ' Robust and durable to environmental demands 4 Series | Industrial Safety Portable | Echem ' Industry standard for portable Industrial Safety gas detection
' Meets toxic and oxygen standards ' 1 to 5 year life, stable, accurate and selective
' Comprehensive range of gases ' High capacity filters and electrodes designed for use in Emissions applications
' Linear across high detection range ' Fast response and recovery ' 7 year life on oxygen in 4 Series ' Durable to harsh gas and exposure needs 5 Series | Emissions | Echem ' Compact sensors designed for Portable and transportable applications
' Used in wide range of general gas detection applications ' Extensive toxic and oxygen range of gases 7 Series | General Detection | Echem Product Ranges Micro | Industrial Safety Portable | Echem & Pel istor ' Ultra small, flat gas sensor range
' 70% smal er than 4 series ' Designed specifically for small portable gas detectors
' Available in 4 common gases: ' CO & H2S ' O2 ' LEL Sensoric | Hi-tech, Semiconductor, Refrigeration | Echem ' Extensive range of sensors for exotic gases
' Utilise both liquid and gel electrolytes for Fast response and high resolution
' Complete range is adaptable to 4 and 7 series
' Used extensively in Hi-tech semiconductor and
refrigeration applications ' Specifically designed for use in Anaesthesia and respiratory oxygen applications
' NOx and CO designed for neonatal, breath and COPD applications
' Linear across detection range ' PPM level resolution MediceL | Medical | Echem ' Range of Pellistors designed for fixed and portable gas detection
' UTEX, UL, CSA approved for explosive atmospheres
' Utilises poison and inhibitor resistant technology Combustibles | Industrial Safety | Pel istor Product Ranges PID | Industrial Safety & Emissions ' Full range of 9.8 to 11.7eV lamps for all VOC detection
' Linear and high resolution ' Designed to provide TVOC ' Compatible for wide range of applications ECOSURE | Residential & Domestic | Echem ' Designed specifically for Residential and Building CO detection
' Long life electrochemical sensors in 4 Series format
' Meets UL 2075 ' Fast response and recovery ' Planar design and unique turret seal al ows for flatter gas detectors
' Sensors designed to meet gas performance standards
' Best in class, reproducible performance and reliability with extended environmental range 1 Series | Industrial Safety Portable Enhanced / Echem & Pel istor ' Range of NOx and O2 sensors
' Meets BAR 97 Automotive exhaust gas applications
' High range and high filter designs
' Fast response across temp range Automotive | Echem Key Applications 13 Industrial processes increasingly involve the use and manufacture of highly dangerous substances, particularly toxic and combustible gases. Escapes of gas occur, which create a potential hazard to the industrial plant, its employees and people living nearby. The oil and gas industry covers a large number of upstream activities from the on and offshore exploration and production of oil and gas to its transportation, storage and refining. The large amount of highly flammable Hydrocarbon gases involved are a serious explosive risk and additional y toxic gases such as Hydrogen Sulphide are often present. Typical Applications: ' Exploration Dril ing Rigs ' Production Platforms ' Onshore oil and gas terminals ' Refineries Oil & Gas Manufacturing semiconductor materials involves the use of highly toxic substances and flammable gas. Phosphorus, arsenic, boron and gal ium are commonly used as doping agents. Hydrogen is used both as a reactant and a reducing atmosphere carrier gas. Etching and cleaning gases include NF3 and other perfluorocompounds. Typical Applications: ' Wafer reactor ' Wafer dryers ' Gas Cabinets ' Chemical Vapour Deposition Semiconductor Manufacturing Often use a wide range of both flammable and toxic gases in their manufacturing processes or create them as by-products of the processes. Typical Applications: ' Raw material storage ' Process areas ' Laboratories ' Pump rows ' Compressor stations ' Loading/unloading areas Chemical Plants Traditional y coal and oil have been used as the main fuel for Power Stations. In Europe and the US most are being converted to natural gas. Typical Applications: ' Around the boiler pipe work and burners ' In and around turbine packages ' In coal silos and conveyor belts in older coal/oil fired stations Power Stations Key Applications 14 In most industries, one of the key parts of the safety plan for reducing the risks to personnel and plant is the use of early warning devices such as gas detectors. These can help to provide more time in which to take remedial or protective action. Boiler Rooms Hospitals Tunnels / Car Parks Waste Water Treatment Plants Waste Water Treatment Plants are a familiar site around many cities and towns. Sewage natural y gives off both Methane and H2S. The 'rotten eggs' smel of H2S can often be noticed as the nose can detect it at less than 0.1ppm. Typical Applications: ' Digesters ' Plant sumps ' H2S Scrubbers ' Pumps Boiler Rooms come in al shapes and sizes. Smal buildings may have a single boiler whereas larger buildings often have large boiler rooms housing several large boilers. Typical Applications: ' Flammable gas leaks from the incoming gas main ' Leaks from the boiler and surrounding gas piping ' Carbon Monoxide given off badly maintained boiler Hospitals may use many different flammable and toxic And oxygen substances, particularly in their Laboratories and ORs. Additional y, many are very large and have on site utility supplies and back up power stations. Typical Applications: ' Laboratories
' Patient Therapies ' Neonatal Rooms ' Operating Theaters ' Refrigeration plants ' Boiler rooms Car Tunnels and enclosed Car Parks need to be monitored for the toxic gases from exhaust fumes. Modern tunnels and car parks use this monitoring to control the ventilation fans. Tunnels may also need to be monitored for the build up of natural gas. Typical Applications: ' Car tunnels ' Underground and enclosed car parks ' Access tunnels ' Ventilation control NEW Long Life Oxygen Sensor City's new 4OxLL long life O2 sensor is a great example of how sensor technology is responding to industry chal enges ' Third generation Oxygen pump sensor ' >30 years of expertise in sensor design
' >36 months field reliability data supported by accelerated life testing ' Performance characterised to extremes ' Designed for use in industrial applications
' Expected operating life of 5 years City Technology Vision 'The right sensor can save a life' ' Quality & reliability wil always be #1 for City ' Our sensors enable customers to be successful - ensuring workers are protected & productive ' We create value for both our customers and end-users ' Innovation wil target key industry drivers ' Sensors wil move from analogue to digital ' Intel igence & diagnostics within the sensor to deliver improved performance & additional value ' Sensors wil become increasingly miniaturised ' Providing a foundation for wearable gas detection 16 The Future: Intelligent and Connectable Grazie per l'Attenzione Vi aspettiamo allo stand 50-66

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