Electrical Engineering & Power Conversion Design for the Energy Transition

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DEREC Consulting for Energy Transition: Our Services
Renewable energy plants, Energy Storage and Green Hydrogen
The role of Power Conversion Design in the Energy Transition

DEREC Consulting for Energy Transition: Our Services

DEREC Consulting support its customers in the definition of electrical requirements and technical specification from Medium Voltage (MV) to Low Voltage (LV) and DC grids. Our customers are final users, manufacturers, system integrators and EPC. Our main focus are:
- Power converters Design
- Power Quality requirements
- Harmonic study and filter design
- Power Factor compensations systems
- Energy/Power demand analysis
- Support to Grid connection
- Microgrid and energy management systems design
- Electrical engineering services

Electrical CAD for electrical engineering for civil and industrial systems based on Autodesk
technology (Eplus SW)
- Calculation of DC grids, AC LV/MV/HV networks and substations with distributed generation, especially from RES sources such as wind and photovoltaic sources (Ampére Evolution SW).
- Budget costs, detailed cost calculation sheets, bill of quantities and BOM (Sigma SW)
- Photovoltaic and micro-wind electrical engineering
- Battery Storage (BESS) sizing and electrical engineering
- Green Hydrogen sizing and electrical engineering
- Electrical Vehicle charging sizing systems electrical engineering

We are partner of important companies working in the energy transition with BESS, EV systems and Green Hydrogen and thus we support them with our services in their projects. Just to give an idea of what we developed below some references.

Renewable energy plants, Storage and Green Hydrogen

Renewable energy plants are characterized by an uncertainty of the availability of energy when it is mrequired compared to the time when it is actually available
- The "on-site exchange", that is the injection of excess energy into the grid, has proved less and less convenient from an economic point of view
- The introduction of storage systems has improved both self-consumption and the convenience of selling energy on a deferred basis.
- Battery storage systems (BESS) have got definitively an important role in the storage of energy
- When the hydrogen is produced by electrolysis, a certain amount of energy is stored in the H2 gas, thus the use of hydrogen in P2G or P2P use can be a valid alternative or integration to electrochemical systems (batteries).

The role of Power Conversion Design in the Energy Transition

Battery storage require a DC power supply.

Green Hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water that require a DC power supply.

Battery storage are often coupled with electrolysers to improve the stability and continuity of the renewable energy plant (hybrid systems).

DC Disconnectors are mandatory for safety and maintenance purposes

There are different solutions for the selection of the right power supply based on required performances and integration with
the grid and renewable energy plants upstream, but we need always a POWER CONVERTER.

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