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Industry 4.0
Technology Driven Paradigm
Industry 5.0
Data and Industry 5.0

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Industry 4.0
Technology Driven Paradigm
- introduced by a European initiative stemming from the German "Industrie 4.0" project presented at the Hannover Messe 2011
Defines the Smart Factory concept
?Smart production - Collaboration between production elements (machines tools, operators)
?Smart service - IT infrastructure for the integration of sites production sites, suppliers, customers, external systems
?Smart energy - Energy-efficient production systems
Basic elements: Cyber-Physical Systems - "Intelligent'' physical systems (sensors, actuators, machines, tools, etc.) that can be interconnected with each other and with available communication infrastructures

- Industry 4.0 key pillars
- Industry 4.0 reference architecture
- Industrie 4.0 is a specialization of the concept of <>

- Industry 5.0
- Networks & Industry 4.0/5.0
- Common Fieldbus and RTE Technologies
- From absence of Interoperability & Internetworking - Synergies with the ICT world

A first big step forward: AVB
- TSN component - A huge part is represented by the 802.1Q standard
- 802.1AS - Timing and Synchronization
- Status of the TSN standard, industrial acceptance of TSN
- Wireless TSN - Wifi 6 e Wifi 7
- TSN over Wi-Fi networking
- TSN over 5G

Data and Industry 5.0
The arising Industry 5.0 paradigm, which extends and enhance the 4.0 one, exploits some key technologies to fister sustainability, resilience and the human-centric approach.

Articoli tecnico scientifici o articoli contenenti case history
Fonte: SAVE ottobre 2023 Industria 4.0 e tecnologie digitali: come cogliere le opportunità emergenti
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