Upgrading e liquefazione: campi di applicazione

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Focus sulla tecnologia per il biogas upgrading e per la micro-liquefazione del biometano e sui campi di applicazione.

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mcTER Biometano-Biogas-Biomasse giugno 2019 Biogas, Biometano, BioGNL: Upgrading, nuovi incentivi e sostenibilità

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Estratto del testo
Gli atti dei convegni e più di 10.000 contenuti su Bio-Gas - Biometano Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore San Donato Milanese, 27 Giugno 2019 Pierangelo PONZONI
Director of Industry & Renewables UPGRADING AND LIQUEFAZIONE:
AGENDA ' Ecospray Technologies and BIO-LNG
' Technological details
' The first plant
' Our programs in LNG Upgrading and liquefaction: fields of applications Engineering company, founded in the 2005 RENEWABLES BIOGAS UPGRADING BIOMETHANE LIQUEFACTION PARTICULATE FILTRATION DeNOx - DeSOx AIR & GAS CLEANING, GAS COOLING &
METHANE MICRO - LIQUEFACTION MARINE INDUSTRY Upgrading and liquefaction: fields of applications BIOGAS UPGRADING
After the experience
in some prototype
plants for biogas
upgrading from
sludge' and the agreement
with S.TRA.TE.G.I.E.
in liquefaction
New integrated solution combines the Vacuum PSA UPGRADING technology with a simple and reliable cycle for LIQUEFACTION Upgrading and liquefaction: fields of applications Technological details VACUUM
' Very wide range of flow rates (10-5.000 m3/h)
' Low costs and consumption of the adsorbent material (synthetic zeolites) ' It does not depend on the availability of hot source ' Low consumption thanks to the absence of biogas compression (VACUUM) ' High tolerance on biogas impurities fluctuations. Technological details POLISHING ' Essential section before liquefaction
' Simple technologies with molecular sieves to obtain: ' The off-gas is recirculated to upgrading Technological details Maximum permissible values
for the liquefaction process CO2 50 ppm H2O 1 ppm H2S 4 ppm LIQUEFACTION Technological details LIQUEFACTION ' Simple modified version (patented) on basis of the Linde cycle ' Different pressure levels are possible to increase the efficiency: double
pression (DP) or triple pression (TP) ' Low consumption and high reliability Technological details UPGRADING +
' Energy efficiency and methane-only process with no other products ' Boil-off and off-gas recirculation
' Single control system for all processes
' Compact and easy to install
' Reliability and reduced maintenance costs Advantages of the integrated solutions PLANT UNDER
This first plant is under construction and
planned for landfill gas PLANT UNDER
This first plant is under construction and
planned for landfill gas PLANT UNDER
This first plant is under construction and
planned for landfill gas SURCES of GAS Application peculiarities Pipeline Solution with an ad-hoc design combined with co-generation Stranded wells Reduction of the transport costs for company fleets Flare gas For energy recovery and environmental protection Boil off gas For LNG storages also in marine applications
Signed an agreement with Gas & Heat for the join development
of this application. Development program in LNG Grazie per l''attenzione Via Circonvallazione,14 15050 Alzano Scrivia (AL) Italy

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