State of the art of H2 technologies, future development

State of the art of H2 technologies, future development, R&I funding perspectives

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- Europe's accelerated hydrogen ambitions
- A changed energy landscape
- The Clean Hydrogen Partnership: Europe's hydrogen R&D vessel
- Clean Hydrogen Partnership budget and contributions
- Legacy: FCH-JU & FCH2-JU
- Technical Committees & Roadmaps - General structure
- From priorities to project: 3 main processes running in parallel
- The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

A changed energy landscape

- 10 million tonnes of renewable hydrogen imports and
- 10 million tonnes of domestic renewable hydrogen production by 2030, to replace natural gas, coal and oil in hard-to-decarbonise industries and transport sectors.
- ? 200M funding to demonstrate diverse Hydrogen Valleys across Europe.
- Electrolyser Partnership to ramp up electrolyser manufacturing in Europe.
- Global European Hydrogen Facility (GEHF) for purchasing imported hydrogen.
- Hydrogen Bank to cover for Green Premium.

Legacy: FCH-JU & FCH2-JU

Hydrogen production and distribution
Hydrogen storage for renewable energy integration
Fuel cells for power & CHP

Road vehicles & Non-road vehicles and machinery
Maritime rail and aviation applications
Refuelling infrastructure

Standards, safety
Education, Public awareness

Hydrogen ecosystems

The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

- Technology development are covered for all type of electrolysis, provided the main input is water/steam and main output is hydrogen.

Other modes of production
- Several types of technologies can be covered, provided the input is renewable-based:
- Biological production
- Solar thermal
- Hydrogen from waste/biomass gasification

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