Soluzioni IoT per la supervisione della produzione di biogas

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- Industrial IoT - The Opportunity
- Involved Processes
- Solution - Overview IoT Biogas monitoring system
Technical Challenges:
- No WiFi coverage (landfill has 2Km of radius)
- No GSM coverage (landfill is distant from repeaters)
- Very challenging environment (flammable system)
- No power supply
- Solution - Architecture

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Estratto del testo
Gli atti dei convegni e più di 10.000 contenuti su Milano TOI Things On Internet - Confidential | © 2019 1 Luigi F. Cerfeda - Soluzioni IoT per la supervisione della produzione di biogas TOI Things On Internet - Confidential | © 2019 2 Acquiring data from machines and transform data into valuable information Industrial IoT - The Opportunity TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 3 Use case: IoT Biogas Monitoring System Name: REA IMPIANTI Srl Description: Rea Impianti is one of the biggest
waste management company in Tuscany with
around 100 employees and around 40M in
revenue Need: REA Impianti needed to improve the
monitoring and management process of the
biogas generated from a waste management
In particular, replacing the manual check-up of
the working parameters of the biogas wells
spread along the plant, in order to reduce costs
and increase efficiency and safety. TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 4 Context
How a Landfill works TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 5 Involved Processes
Goals of a landfill:
1. Maximize the amount of biogas extracted a) Increase the energy production b) Reduce the amount of gas released in the
atmosphere ' Reduction of smell ' Reduction of greenhouse gasses
emission 2. Maximize the percentage of methane in the
a) Improve performances of the generator
engine 3. Minimize the percentage of oxygen in the Biogas a) Reduction of flammability risk b) Better combustion in the generator engine So we have Data-driven goals! Ideally, we just need to get this data but' TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 6 Problem Up to now, biogas plants planned their settings and adjustments of resources
on a monthly basis.
This is generally done manually, based on experience and intuition of the
NO REAL-TIME DATA FROM WELLS TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 7 Solution - Overview - No WiFi coverage (landfill has 2Km of radius) - No GSM coverage (landfill is distant from repeaters) - Very challenging environment (flammable
system) - No power supply Technical Challenges: IoT Biogas monitoring system TOI Things On Internet - Confidential | © 2019 8 TOI provides 4ZeroPlatform: a plug-and-play data gathering, processing, and reporting solution for small and large enterprises who need to achieve full visibility and optimization of Industrial Processes. Solution: 4ZeroPlatform A machine-to cloud-interface that can be plugged into old and modern machines. A cloud-based device management service for organizing, monitoring, and remotely updating connected devices at scale. More info at: TOI Things On Internet - Confidential | © 2019 9 4ZeroBox LoRa + Python + Sensors Multi-connectivity: GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, Ethernet Python-Programmable thanks to Zerynth technology TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 10 Solution - Architecture - 4ZeroBox: Python programmable low-power microcontroller - CH4, O2, pressure, temperature and humidity sensors - LoRa Network - Custom Dashboards LoRa Network LoRa Click 4ZeroBox TOI Things On Internet - Confidential | © 2019 11 4ZeroManager - Features Secure and scalable device provisioning Remote device diagnostics Secure connectivity Enterprise software integrations Step by Step configuration tools Cloud or on-premises deployment Remote device management Modern user interface with MQTT Consoles Firmware Over-The -Air updates Development tools TOI Things On Internet - Confidential | © 2019 12 4ZeroManager - Custom Dashboard and Integration TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 13 Solution Visual Alarms CSV Data Export Interactive Charts Custom Dashboard Automated Alarms: 'CH4 concentration < 40% 'O2 concentration > 4% 'Well pressure ' Env. Pressure 'Collector Pressure > 900 mbar 'Gas Temperature < 10 °C TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 14 Solution
Improving Processes Visibility
SUNSET TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 15 Impact TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 16 4ZeroPlatform A versatile Solution that adapts to any industrial context Integrate and monitor all the different machines of the plant with a dedicated 4ZeroPlatform integrated with remote maintenance systems and enterprise tools. TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 17 Use cases New and legacy machines in different manufacturing sectors. ' Real-time sensor data acquisition and processing of anomalies and deviations ' Integrated in cloud or on-premises solutions 4.0 OUTCOMES ' Efficiency: real-time production data and OEE measuring ' Maintenance: failures detection improvement ' Productivity: integration with ERP-MES tools Manufacturing Industry Process Industry Biogas production monitoring for efficiency improvement. ' Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, CH4 and O2 data acquisition and local computing ' LoRa connection to local servers 4.0 OUTCOMES ' Efficiency: less time and more precision for wells regulation ' Visibility: awareness of unknown biogas cyclic dynamics Warehousing Industrial refrigerators monitoring for efficiency and regulatory purposes. ' Temperature, humidity, doors and energy data for real-time monitoring, recording and COP ' Wi-fi and GSM connectivity 4.0 OUTCOMES ' Efficiency: reduction of Maintenance costs and energy ' Quality: cold chain monitoring meeting HACCP regulation TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 18 4ZeroPlatform - Pricing '399/unit '100/year '399/unit '100/year '399/unit Bundled pricing per each machine unit:
4ZeroBox 1-time price + 4ZeroManager yearly fee '100/year Also distributed by TOI Things On Internet - Confidential | © 2019 19 Company Daniele Mazzei CTO Gabriele Montelisciani CEO Gualtiero Fantoni Business Development Giacomo Baldi Head of Software TOI s a tech company based in Pisa (Italy) that provides tools and solutions for Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 applications. TOI Introduction - Confidential | © 2018 Office: Largo Padre Renzo Spadoni 56126 Pisa, Italy - VAT 02188290502 THANK YOU! 20

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