Social Collaboration: la digitalizzazione via app negli stabilimenti Barilla

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Share and collect crucial information real-time and in a smart way.
A relevant steptowards Plant Knowledge Management.
Main Features.
Main Users.

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MCM ottobre 2018 La digitalizzazione della manutenzione: la sfida per la Manutenzione 4.0

da Benedetta Rampini
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Veronafiere 17-18 ottobre 2018 Vi aspettiamo a mcT Petrolchimico Milano, 29 novembre 2018 Cogenerazione Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore 27 ottobre Cogenerazione Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore Alimentare Alimentare Petrolchimico Alimentare 28 ottobre Alimentare Petrolchimico Alimentare Alimentare Petrolchimico Visione e Tracciabilità 28 ottobre Luce Energia Domotica LED Luce Energia Domotica LED Petrolchimico Alimentare Petrolchimico Petr Baril a G. e R. Fratelli
Società per Azioni 2012 La Digitalizzazione della Manutenzione, la sfida per la Manutenzione 4.0 Verona, 17 October 2018 GIOVANNI BALLERINI
Southern Europe Operations Bakery
Global Capital Planning and Manufacturing Strategy
La Social «CollaborAction» la digitalizzazione via app degli stabilimenti Barilla Confidential 05/11/18 2 05/11/18 2 2 CollaborAction Bring the way you live in your workplace Confidential Business Need Share and collect crucial information real-time and in a smart way ---- Main Goals --- To reduce waste of time and resources in solving issues; 2 To ensure all relevant information regarding events and issues are shared and immediately available; 1 To define a structured and shared communication system in order to reduce discretion. 3 To col ect information and solutions by creating a single repository in order to 'learn from the experience' and set good practices 4 Confidential YESTERDAY Confidential Daily events and handovers between shifts are spread orally and/or by specific books and blackboards. People have different codes and way to communicate. Events are written in different books and the communication results redundant. Event Talking about the event Shift Change Morning meeting Resolution Who knows the outcome' ''' 1 2 3 4 5 6 Confidential Time spent describing the event and gathering missing information and less time to solve and improve Everyone is interpreting the issues due to a lack of information Not all are aware of the decisions taken, advancement of interventions and/or output of solutions Main Risks Confidential TODAY Confidential 1 3 Event is posted on the tablet Resolution All the info about the event stored! ' Daily events and handovers between shifts are spread by a Social App using tablets. ' Everyone is updated on what is going on in the plant. ' Issues are underlined real time. ' Previous issues and resolutions, manuals and relevant documents are always available online. Event 1 2 3 Confidential A relevant step towards Plant Knowledge Management' 9 People are the key resources to share their experience in the Plant (daily events/issue fixing)' ' in order to quickly and easily search for it (may I apply the same fixing method to a new issue' How can I manage a job rotation'...) 'their experience wil have to be organized to capitalize knowledge (why that issue occurred, how I managed it, which are the resulting best practices...) ' Confidential Main Features 10 Google Drive CollaborAction 1.0 Google Mail Community Post Comments CATEGORY Post Comments CATEGORY Post Comments CATEGORY Confidential Main Users 11 Plant Manager Technical Area Maintenance Engineering Production Shift leaders Production line Q&T Lab PPWM Warehouse HSE HR Confidential Let's go online (1/2) Tag people Post a new comment Attach video/photo/docs Change Status Confidential Let's go online (2/2) Confidential Pilot Phase November 2015 ' Cremona Plant started the pilot phase. Google developed the digital solution and people involved were trained. January 2016 ' Cremona Plant completed the test phase with consistent result and satisfaction. Presentation to Italian Bakery Plants March 2016 ' Cremona Plant introduced the
project to the other Italian bakery plants
showing direct feedback from workers. Pilot completed The journey Confidential March 2016 - Based on pilot results and people feedback the other plants decided to implement the solution as well. November 2016 Rubbiano Plant GoLive December 2016 February 2017 Workers' feedbacks were crucial in order to get scale up approval Scale up decision Melfi Plant GoLive Novara Plant GoLive Confidential From April 2017 all the Italian plants are online April 2017 Castiglione Plant GoLive Ascoli Plant GoLive March 2017 Confidential Do we need to change the daily meetings ( time, participants, contents), to fully integrate the digital solution' Digital Blackboards Processes Statistical Control cards Process and Technological info M.E.S. What's next, what about its evolution ' Do we need to adjust same plants maintenance organization' Further integrations/development ' SAP Other plants'

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