Sensoristica Wireless, IoT e Manutenzione Predittiva

Sensoristica Wireless, IoT e Manutenzione Predittiva. No Wires, No Worries, Truly Wireless is here!

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- Digital Transformation
- Our Focus
- Products
- Phantom Sensors
- Expert Vibration Series
- Recording Methods
- General Purpose Sensors
- Online Scada
- Powua For IoT - Architecture And Modules
- DigivibeMX

Phantom Sensors

Phantom Condition Monitoring Sensors are wireless Smart Factory Devices designed to record critical machine Health Conditions for analysis and to help plan and schedule maintenance prior to an asset failure

- Phantoms Communicate via Secure BLE 5.0

- Phantoms have a dedicated Cryptocell 310
Cryptographic processor for security

- 100 m line of sight range in an industrial environment

- 2-6 year battery life

- Each gateway can manage up to 100 sensors
Recording 4 times per day

Expert Vibration Series

- EPH-V11E High Range Triaxial
- EPH-V10E High Sensitivity Triaxial
- EPH-V12 Ultra Low Noise Biaxial

Recording Methods

- Set Interval
Maximum every 10mins (full time wave form every 10mins)
3-5year battery based on 4 measures per day

- Time Of Day
Specific time of the day
Used to trigger multiple sensors at the same time. Max of 7 at the same time


RMS level can be used to trigger a recording

Record Only
Only records an FFT

Trigger Email
Records a new FFT and a email notification is sent out

Phantom Gateway 2.0

- Protocols: OPC, MQTT and Modbus
- On Demand collection from the cloud or local interface
- Using EI Analytic, you can access your gateway from anywhere in the world
- Internal Storage for 100,000 mesaurements
- Dual Band Wi-Fi
- Processing Power

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