RFID per Maintenance, Repair and Operations - il caso Snam Rete Gas

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Maintenance, Repair and Operations SNAM RETE GAS, case study
Radio Frequency Identification enabling Safety & Security of the industrial hazardous infrastructures
Leverage your informations to improve safety & security:
- Efficient production
- Maintenance process
- Control
RFID, application areas
RFID conpared to the MRO System components
SNAM RETE GAS, case study:
- Application: improve logistics and maintenance operations of mechanical and electrical parts in SNAM RETE GAS operational plants.
- Goal: to speed up operations and reduce human errors.
- RFID equipment: handheld read/write units & passive tags.
- Software: development of field automation software to support maintenance operations. System integration with the company ERP (SAP).

Atti di convegni o presentazioni contenenti case history
Fonte: Intervento convegno AIAS mcT Safety & Security 2013
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