Understanding what the customer wants...making it happen

Produce International Srl è una società di procurement che fornisce materiali elettrici e meccanici per l'industria Chimica, Petrolchimica, Oil & Gas e Power. Un nuovo brand con alle spalle una storia di di qualità ed affidabilità, una Società in rapida crescita che ringrazia i propri clienti e fornitori per il loro supporto.
In quanto Società orientata al cliente offriamo le nostre competenze negli acquisti di materiali bulk, una soluzione globale per la fornitura di materiali ed attrezzature, analizziamo le vostre necessità, ricerchiamo i prodotti più adatti, acquistiamo il materiale e organizziamo le consegne secondo i vostri requisiti, includendo tutta la documentazione tecnica ed i certificati richiesti.

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Guida Petrolchimico 2014

da Valeria Tranchina
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Estratto del testo
Produce International Srl is a procurement company
supplying industrial materials, including electrical and
mechanical products. We serve the Chemical, Petrochemical,
Oil&Gas and Power industries.
A new brand with a history of quality and reliability, our
company is growing rapidly, and we thank our customers
and suppliers for their support.
As a customer-driven company, we offer you our know-
how in bulk procurement, we offer a global solution in the
supply of materials and equipments, we analyse your needs,
look for the most suitable products, purchase the material
and organise its delivery according to your requirements,
including all the technical documentation and required
certificates. It is our goal to provide the best and most cost
effective products available anywhere in the world, we deliver
what You want, - any size, any grade, any quantity - when
You want it.
Produce International Srl offers a complete and professional
service: our partner companies Produce sas and Concurrent
Engineering Srl can support the Customer during all the
phases of the project, from design to field installation. Thanks to the full range of Hubbel products represented
by Produce sas and the access to international know-
how and training courses, we can provide complete and
comprehensive answers in accordance with the reference
standards (Anglo-Saxons, Americans , Canadians or
Produce International Srl is your reference partner for the
supply of solutions oriented to the full satisfaction of customer
needs, with a unique combination of excellence in product
management and logistic support.
Produce International Srl offers a complete and professional
service, starting from aiding the Customer during the bid
phase up to the documents issue. PRODUCE INTERNATIONAL
Understanding what the customer wants...making it happen PRODUCE INTERNATIONAL SRL 40 Prodotti & Soluzioni PETROLCHIMICO guida 2014

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