Processi innovativi per la produzione di biocombustibili in bioraffinerie green ed ecosostenibili

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• Are photosynthetic microorganisms capable of accumulating considerable amounts of lipids
• Are capable of synthesizing high added value compounds
• Do not occupy fertile soil and grow in the most variable water media (fresh water, salt water and waste water)
• Growth is non-seasonal

Biorefinery Facility to obtain biofuels, energy and high value products through biomass transformation and process equipment.
Microalgae in biorefinery
• mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions
• oil for biofuels
• natural fertilizers
• high value added compounds
• high oil productivity (20%–50% by dry weight basis)

Biodiesel from microalgae
Cell disruption methods
Biological methods: enzymatic pretreatment
Chlorella sorokiniana
Screening of potentially suitable enzyme preparations
Model employed

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Fonte: mcT Petrolchimico Roma maggio 2018 L’industria Oil&Gas nell’era del 4.0: efficienza, sicurezza ed energie rinnovabili
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