3 pilastri tecnologici della futura automazione: AI, Wireless e Cloud

(PDF in parte in lingua inglese)

Nel corso della presentazione sono illustrate le soluzioni e i vantaggi dell'automazione industriale del futuro partendo dalle esigenze delle aziende.

Le esigenze delle aziende
- Competitors
- External problems (COVID, Energy cost, recession)

La soluzione tecnologica -AI
- No need of human set up
- Today 90% is coming from cameras
- Tomorrow all the raw data will contribute

La soluzione tecnologica -Wireless
Industrial 5G, the wireless network of the future

La soluzione tecnologica -Cloud
- Cloud is not replacing the edge but is adding additional unique features
- Edge is becoming more powerful and will keep on being more capable of new features

There are 2 kind of cloud solutions :
- All in one solution able to interact with any aspect of an organization
+ total integration
- not fitting perfectly for all the aspects

Vertical market driven
- Dedicated solution able to fulfill all the specific needs
+ Fast Time To Market
- Limited to a specific part of the company scope


Time To Market
- The faster you are, the better you can solve end customer pain points

Stay on the edge
- Factory automation is not a revolution but it's a continuous evolution

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Fonte: SAVE ottobre 2022 Web Automation, Cloud, Edge Computing, AI: tecnologie al servizio della fabbrica digitale
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