Measuring standard volume and mass flow of liquid hydrocarbons using FLEXIM clamp-on with reliability and accuracy

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FLEXIM e ITAL CONTROL METERS condivideranno con voi anni di esperienze di campo per le misure di portata nel settore dell'Oil & Gas mediante l'impiego della tecnologia di misura ad ultrasuoni clamp-on. Oggi con questa tecnologia di misura non invasiva, gli operatori del settore O&G possono misurare la portata di qualsiasi idrocarburo liquido non solo in condizioni di perfetta sicurezza e assenza di manutenzione, ma anche effettuando la misurazione direttamente in volume normalizzato (massa).

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Milano, 29 novembre 2018 Gli atti dei convegni e più di 10.000 contenuti su Clamp-on Mass Flow Measurement Flexim 2 ' FLEXIM, a specialist in Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Measurement ' Metering solutions for Liquids and Gases as wel as Process Concentration Analytics ' Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with more than 400 employees worldwide ' International presence with offices in Europe, United States and Asia, etc ' Strong investment in R&D and in-house production facilities ' Huge instal ed instrumentation base (>80,000 units worldwide) + over 8,000 new meters per year Camp'on Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Measurement 3 Calculation of Volume Flow [Q] Q Volume Flow KRE Fluid Mechanical Correlation Factor A Cross-Sectional Area of Pipe ka Transmitter-Constant D t Transit Time Difference tt Transit Time in Medium Components of the mass flow measurement ' FLEXIM FLOW METER ' Always Dual Beam (min) ' Quad Beam Option ' Always has a Temp input (min) ' Could have Pressure as wel ' TRANSDUCERS ' Lamb Wave for some Multi-Products
' Lamb Wave for most Crudes
' Shear Wave for most Refined Products How to get the mass flow 5 Measurement of Sonic Velocity Measurement of Temperature Calculation of API grade and standard density Calculation of actual density and actual viscosity Measurment of transit time difference Calculation of Reynolds number Actual volume flow Mass flow Multiple Product Standard Volume + Mass Compensation and Interface Detection Algorithm ' Providing Temperature Compensated Volume Algorithm as per ASTM 1250, TP25, D4311 standard volume correction different liquids Multi Product HPI meters must apply correct liquid characteristics (Algorithm, Viscosity, & Density) to ensure an accurate flow measurement. Background Product Standard Volume Compensation ' Providing Temperature Compensated Volume Algorithm as per ASTM 1250, TP25, D4311 standard volume correction. Implemented Standards : ASTM D1250 Crude oils, Gasolines and Naphtalenes, Jet fuels and Kerosines, Diesels, heating oils and fuel oils Lubrication oils TP25 Light Hydrocarbons (Ethen, Butane, Propane etc. ) ASTM D4311-04 Asphalt Background Refinery Applications: ' Check Metering ' Typical y checking stability/accuracy of a different technology/CTM ' Leak Detection ' Usual y short segments with meter to meter balance WHERE DO WE USE THESE METERS Application ' Third Party Verification for Ethylene; Pipeline Terminal near Orange, TX Check Metering Applications: FLEXIM HPI Meters can be used to verify other types of Custody Transfer Meters or vital metering locations. APPLICATIONS Leak Detection Applications: FLEXIM HPI Meters can be used as a stand alone leak detection system or used in conjunction with a Leak Detection System. Point to Point Stand Alone System: ' FLEXIM to FLEXIM ' FLEXIM to CTM 2.5 miles FLEXIM to FLEXIM Leak Detection 2.5 miles from Tank to Tank at a Refinery APPLICATIONS FLEXIM to Custody Transfer Leak Detection .5 miles from Tank Farm to Tank Farm APPLICATIONS FLEXIM to Custody Transfer Leak Detection 12.5 miles from Tank Farm to Tank Farm used in conjunction with a proprietary LDS that uses Flow, Pressure and Temperature inputs Point to Point with Leak Detection System APPLICATIONS Heavy Crude Light Crude Gasoline FACTORS FOR ACCURATE MEASUREMENT:
' Uncertainties ' Pipe and liquid ' Pipe Geometry ' Accurate information for liquid ' Reynolds Correction for Viscosity ' For Crude Oils, extremely important ' Correct Liquid Identification ' Customer input necessary ' Optimization of Meters INFLUENCE FACTORS - Standard volume flow measurement is achievable and field proven with clamp-on devices - Possible additional calculated outputs from clamp-on Mass Flow meter : - Density - API Grade or density @base conditions for the medium - Viscosity - Main Component to total uncertainty is the volume flow measurement with the clamp-on device. 1% is typical achievable with multi channel instal ation and ful y developed turbulent flow regime. - Uncertainty from ASTM 1250, TP25 or D4311 calculation for density is significant lower. - During the set up of the meter the density of the medium must be known for field adjustment of Sound Speed Measurement and for a reliable reference point for calculation. The accuracy of this information terminates the accuracy of the calculation. Conclusion Questions ' ***New 4 Channel Meter Up to 8 Paths*** This mounting arrangement is ideal for large pipes / limited straight run instal ations.
This metering solution not only mitigates the affect of poor upstream piping conditions and large pipe profile influences but also provides for built-in redundancy in case of a signal path interruption. TEST AT CEESI 2016 TEST AT CEESI 2016 4-Channel Results
had average errors
below +/- 0.125% and
a maximum error of
0.192% on both test
fluids. The FLEXIM
Meters were compared
to custody type flow
meters that were proved. TEST AT CEESI 2016 2-Channel Results
had average errors
below +/- 0.30% and a
maximum error of
0.4% on both test fluids.
The FLEXIM Meters
were compared to
custody type flow meters
that were proved. TEST AT CEESI 2016 Conclusion: For added accuracy and repeatability, the 4 Channel, Quad Beam meter delivers an average error that is over 2 times better than a 2 Channel, Dual Beam meter. For accuracy the Quad Beam FLEXIM HPI Meter can do the job (FROM OUTSIDE THE PIPE!). -0,2 -0,15 -0,1 -0,05 0 0,05 0,1 0,15 0,2 0,25 0,3 0,35 Av g. P CT E rr or 4 Channel
2 Channel

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