Manutenzione proattiva

SmartSpring: pianificare la manutenzione in modo proattivo

SmartSpring con il suo sensore può essere applicato a tutti gli elementi con caratteristiche a molla, e grazie al quale è possibile rilevare online le variazioni di deformazione e comunicare la durata del componente per pianificare la manutenzione in modo proattivo.

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Product Range

Development, design, calculation and production of precision metal parts with spring characteristics.

Series size
Prototypes (1-50 pieces), small series (100-10'000 pieces) and large series up to 5 million pieces

Dimensions from 0.1 to 35 mm, all spring steels and special alloys

Maximum added value because all important processes, such as coiling, wire bending, punching and stamping as well as secondary processes are available in-house

Product innovation
Smart Spring, a new development which communicates intelligently, selfmonitoring and wireless.


- Power Generation and Distribution
- Contact technology and switchgear
- Solar Industry
- Textile machinery
- Medical technology
- Mechanical engineering and automation, vehicle construction
- Food industry
- Building automation and building equipment
- Hydraulic and pneumatic systems

The name "SMART SPRING" has changed to I-Spring® The Intelligent and Smart Spring

- Intention
- Concept of the I-Spring®
- Technical realisation
- Future challenges

Vision of the I-Spring®

Digitalisation is omnipresent and is or will be introduced in nearly every part of the industry. Some Benefits of this development are:

- easier and quicker access to relevant data
- remote data access possible
- networking of data and using artificial intelligence for problem solving

Develop an indepent working system to constantly monitor elements with spring behaviour during operation and determine essential characteristics to an online platform.

Structure of the Sensor

Functions and structure of the system
- Monitoring: deformation of the spring; ambient parameters: e.g. temperature

- Local data storage: measurement data

- Data Download: wireless (e.g. via BLE)

- External evaluation of data: on mobile device (e.g. Smartphone); in superordinate control; assignment of the measurment data

- Dimension: ca. 40 × 10 × 10 mm (prototype); miniturization for series parts

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Fonte: MCMA ottobre 2022 workshop
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