Manutenzione delle valvole manuali

Un dispositivo di monitoraggio per l'ottimizzazione della manutenzione delle valvole manuali

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- Data is the new oil
- Fast-track access to data
- Monitoring
- Battery Life Validation
- Position Sensing Validation
- Mems inertial unit validation
- V-FLANGE in a glance

Data is the new oil

Increased need of data from industrial assets. Using data to take informed decisions boosts:

- Safety
- Reliability
- Productivity

Extraction is still requested

Supervisory level "blindeness" is normally corrected with manned maintenance work or valve automation and instrumentation, which are expensive and sometimes unpractical.

Value Proposition


Provide users with an immediate, easy and intuitive way to access data of manual valves, without the necessity of long and expensive updates of the existing equipment.


Monitoring performance, and any potentially harmful condition of manual and actuated valves throughout their life from factory to decommissioning.


Define in advance when the valve needs maintenance or other types of intervention. Possibility to identify the events, which can lead to malfunctions and possible leakages.

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Fonte: MCMA Bergamo aprile 2023 Tecnologie predittive per la manutenzione preventiva industriale: diagnostica, condition monitoring, 4.0, manutenzione da remoto
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