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(in lingua inglese) An international Group with the culture and values of a family-owned company. An electrical equipment engineering and manufacturing company, specializing in low voltage energy performance

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mcTER Energy Storage giugno 2019 Energy Storage per l'efficienza energetica: tecnologie, normativa, soluzioni

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Gli atti dei convegni e più di 10.000 contenuti su Energy Storage Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore Energy Storage Solution 27th June 2019 mcTER AGENDA ' Socomec Group & Socomec Italy presentation ' Discovering Socomec Energy Storage products & solutions ' Our References ' Application ' Italian Market & Prospects Socomec Group & Socomec Italy ' Ensuring sustainable growth through independence and long-term vision ' Fostering a strong company culture every day: Responsibility - Openness - Commitment ' Creating value for our customers through innovation, expertise and skil s An international Group
with the culture and values
of a family-owned company People Customers Innovation ''An electrical equipment
engineering and manufacturing
company, specializing in low
voltage energy performance' In summary 97 years 3 400 employees 538 M' turnover 27 subsidiaries 12 production sites 10% of turnover in R&D Power conversion
Maximize the quality and
availability of energy Expert services
Auditing, consulting and
maintenance services to
ensure the safety, availability
and efficiency of energy Our skills : Innovative Power Solutions Power switching
Manage energy and
protection of personnel,
equipment and systems Power monitoring
Improve energy
efficiency and plant
monitoring ' Load break switches
' Fuse combination switches
' Protection
' Transfer switches
' Enclosures and systems Power switching a range from 16 to 6000 A 2M switching devices sold each year ' Energy meters
' Multifunction meters
' Measuring and multi-circuit monitoring systems
' Measuring devices
' Energy monitoring and management software
' Power factor correction systems Power monitoring DIRIS the benchmark for 25 years MID ' UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) from 300 VA to 5.4 MVA > Wide range of high-efficiency UPS
> Modular and scalable systems
> 19'''' rack-mounted UPS
> Transformer-based UPS
> Industrial rugged UPS for harsh environment
> Desktop UPS ' Static Transfer System (STS)
' Industrial rectifiers
' Adapted and customized solutions
' Storage converters Power conversion >96% efficiency ' Prevention and service operations
' Measurement and analysis
' Consultancy, deployment and training
' Optimization Expert services 370 experts 24/7 assistance 70 000 on-site interventions per year Energy storage systems
The combination of our 4 areas of expertise ' Storage converters (connected and standalone) ' Multi-technology batteries
' Photovoltaic inverters
' Distribution cabinets
' Local control system
' Integration and containerisation
' Services partner A worldwide presence Subsidiaries &
offices Distributors Contact us Socomec Italy Plant : ISOLA VICENTINA 345 Employees 42 Years of experience on Power Conversion 100 100M' Turnover in 2018 Socomec Italy Plant : Our Products and Service § MONOLITHIC UPS and MODULAR UPS from 10 kW to 600 kW § ENERGY STORAGE SOLUTIONS from 33 kVA to multiple MVA § EXPERT SERVICE FOR UPS AND ENERGY STORAGE Socomec, your technology partner
for energy storage Discovering Socomec Energy Storage products & solutions Energy Storage Solutions '' Our Targeted Applications
~50 years of experience in the Power Conversion Isolated Hybrid Microgrids (Grid tied or not) Ensure availability of energy Commercial & Industrial Smart Buildings + Electrical Vehicle Maximise Self-Consumption & Reduce peak consumption Smart Grids & Cities Renewable Energy Management Eradicate grids congestion Control renewable energy production ' Best in class components : get the best of critical technologies to design & manufacture your own equipment
for storage solution. ' Modular and scalable systems : with SUNSYS Xtend, create your own storage solution for on-grid and off-grid
applications. ' Turnkey solutions : our engineering know-how for your solution. Our offers Best in class components Modular and scalable systems Turnkey solutions Our position in the energy storage market Commercial & industry Front of meter Behind the meter Utility scale Stationary storage market Microgrid Off/On grid REN colocation Residential Socomec offers Turnkey solutions Modular and scalable systems Best in class components Modular and scalable systems Energy storage markets § ON Grid & Off Grid functioning mode. § For IEC and UL markets. § Modularity with 33 kW power modules. SUNSYS PCS² 33 TR SUNSYS PCS² 66 TR & TL SUNSYS PCS² 100 TL SUNSYS PCS² 100 TR SUNSYS PCS² 132 TL
SUNSYS PCS² 200 TL CUSTOMER BENEFITS § Flexibility : § Modular and scalable architecture from 33kVA up to few MW. § Compatible with different technologies & brands of batteries. § Can be integrated into microgrids with existing PV plants. § Performance : § Efficiency at low power up to 96% (DPC function). § Quality & stability of distributed power supply. § Black-Start functionality for power supply availability. § Boosted overload and short circuit features. § Ful circular 4-quadrants P/Q capability. § P and Q step response time <150ms. § Availability : § Hot-swappable power modules. § Easy, fast & safe maintenance. § No downtime during maintenance. § Simple and quick configuration. § Open communication links to connect an EMS. Energy Storage Solutions - Our Offer
SUNSYS PCS² (Power Conversion Storage System) : Energy Storage Solutions- Our Offer
SUNSYS Xtend : 33 kVA ó 400 kVA / 91,3 kWh ó 685 kWh CUSTOMER BENEFITS
§ Wide combination of power & capacity to fit to each project. § Single responsibility for batteries, protections, conversion and control. § Compact design: high density with limited footprint. § Simplified design and logistics. § Complete integrated ESS with batteries, protection, conversion and control. § Modular and flexible System. § For IEC and UL markets. Energy Storage Solutions- Our Offer
SUNSYS Xtend : Typical Systems 33 or 66kVA / 91kWh 33, 66 or 100kVA / 183kWh 100kVA / 274kWh 66 kVA / 365kWh 100kVA / 548kWh 132kVA / 183kWh 200kVA / 274kWh 132kVA / 365kWh 200KVA / 548kWh 264kVA / 365kWh SUNSYS from 33kVA to 1MVA
/ 91,3kWh to 1,5MWh Turnkey solution for
microgrids: your benefits Power supply of autonomous microgrid Dedicated containerised solutions Maximize renewable energy
production Back-up power Hybrid system management Minimize diesel generation consumption Energy Storage Solutions - Our Expertize
Provide a turnkey solution Category Electrical
Energy Storage Our Technical Proposal
SUNSYS PCS² - CEI 016 '' 021 READY! ' Our PCS and therefore our Energy Storage systems are CEI 016 and 021 certified for connection to the national electricity grid according to the distributor's requests. ' The certification is specific for the Energy Storage segment and includes our control system and the batteries supplied by us. Energy Storage Solutions- Our Offer
Dedicated team to design your energy storage solution ' Our engineering team at your service for > Project feasibility analysis > Project engineering > Interfacing with third-party softwares > Factory & Site acceptance tests > Commissioning / Training > Preventive & corrective maintenance Energy Storage Solutions- Our Offer
Containers Integration 10 to 40 feet container as turnkey solution Our References California 100kVA California 66kVA Morocco 130kVA '' 90kWh Indonesia 858kVA/2,1MWh Malawi 20kVA/28kWh RDC 30kVA/120kWh Energy Storage Solution
Worldwide references Illinois 66kVA California 9MVA/12,22MWh Reunion island 133kVA/500kWh California 265kVA Smart buildings Micro grids On grid RDC 60kVA/210kWh Mauritania 200kVA/300kWh Martinique 198kVA '' 184kWh Senegal 1 MVA/1,9 MWh Maldives island 400kVA/548kWh Singapore 33kVA/91kWh The Caribbean 600kVA/646kWh France - Carros 250kVA/620kWh France - Benfeld 66kVA/87kWh Italy - Quotidia 166kVA/232kWh France - Lyon
Austria 33kVA/80kWh France - Ecuelles 33kVA/106kWh France - Carros 2x33kVA/106kW h France - Bordeaux 66kVA/60kWh Italy - Venice 460kVA/375kWh Italy - Enel 66kVA/72kWh Spain - Lugo 200kVA/1MWh Energy Storage Solution
European references France - Sein 198kVA/184kWh Czech Republic 132kVA/108kWh UK 66kVA/186kWh Smart buildings Micro grids On grid Germany - Saar 33kVA / 91,3 kWh Belgium 66kVA / 137 kWh Italy 132kVA/274kWh Energy Storage Solutions APPLICATION Energy Storage Solutions- Application
Solution for autonomous microgrids ' In Off-Grid applications, our solutions manage > A high quality power supply > Grid forming mode '' Voltage and frequency generation > Renewable energy production > Loads consumption > Gensets optimisation Energy Storage Solutions- Application
C&I Building Power Time Consumption Generation Power Time Consumption Energy taken from batteries instead of the
grid PV Self Consumption Peak Shaving Backup Power ADV ANT AG E S Maximize use and revenues of PV
energy especially when the feed-in- tariff wil end Minimize cost of electricity contract
with lower peak power Secure energy supply in case of grid
outage + other services paid by utilities: Demand / Response (reduce power consumption when requested by utiliy), Frequency regulation, ' Energy Storage Solutions- Application
C&I Building Energy Storage Solutions- Application
Electrical Vehicles Charge Support Energy Storage Solutions ITALIAN MARKET & PROSPECTS Italian Market & Prospects ' Current situation > Residential Market : a certainty; > Utility Scale : much has been done, much will be done; > C&I : something has been done, but it is the market with the largest growth margin; > Minor Islands Hybrid micro-grids: we are starting, 2019 will be a turning point; ' Actions for the near future > Start of the aggregation rules; > New rules of tax deduction to individuals and businesses; > Electric vehicle market increase, infrastructure and charging stations; > continuous growth of renewables, optimization and production planning to
meet European targets.
Socomec, your technology partner
for energy storage Discovering Socomec Energy Storage Solution. Discovering the future. Pasquale Di Donna
ESS Business Development
Mobile: +39 366 77 90 246

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