La nuova appliance Endian per la cybersecurity IoT: proteggi, gestisci e analizza i tuoi device

Endian arricchisce il portafoglio di soluzioni per la cybersecurity IoT con un nuovo gateway compatto ed essenziale: con funzionalità di Firewall, IPS, Encryption, Wifi integrato, e smart setup, garantisce collegamento e protezione dei device, abilitando il Data Collection.

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da Benedetta Rampini
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Veronafiere 17-18 ottobre 2018 Vi aspettiamo a mcT Petrolchimico Milano, 29 novembre 2018 Cogenerazione Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore 27 ottobre Cogenerazione Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore Alimentare Alimentare Petrolchimico Alimentare 28 ottobre Alimentare Petrolchimico Alimentare Alimentare Petrolchimico Visione e Tracciabilit 28 ottobre Luce Energia Domotica LED Luce Energia Domotica LED Petrolchimico Alimentare Petrolchimico Petr SECURE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION SECURE. COLLECT. ANALYZE. MARCO BONAVENTURA ABOUT ENDIAN Experience ' Founded 2003 by security experts ' Offices in 3 countries (IT, DE, US) ' Technology leader in Firewall/VPN Commitment ' Best in class security ' Best in class usability ' Industrial IoT since 2011 Innovation ' Unique and open architecture ' Highly scalable for IoT ' OEM Ready 'Secure everyThing' THE CHANGING Digital Transformation
' 'Software is eating the world' ' Value moving from HW to SW ' Rapidly changing business models Everything is Connected
' Always On ' Mobile Access ' Exploding number of connections Data are the new capital
'Massive data gathering 'Advanced Analytics and Big Data 'Predictive Maintenance OUR MISSION Collect Analyze Secure Endian's mission is to provide a secure platform that connects distributed people and things, enabling the digital transformation of businesses. OUR PORTFOLIO We secure everyThing Enterprise / Project based SMB / Volume Security Gateways ' Firewall/VPN/IPS/Content Filter/AV ' Easy to Buy, Easy to Own ' Channel and OEM Business Secure Remote Connectivity ' Advanced and Scalable VPN Concentrator ' Secure Role based access to Devices/ Equipment ' Project Based and OEM Business Industrial Security
' Ruggedized Firewall and VPN Routers ' Extended Temperature and 3G/4G Wireless and BYOD
' Secure Guest and Employee Internet Access OUR PRODUCTS 15 years of combined Software and Hardware experience Endpoints ENDIAN CONNECT PLATFORM ARCHITECTURE Field/Support Staff IT Staff Automation Staff Roles /' Permissions Applications Machine Settings Administration Access to Data Secure' Connectivity Gateways 4i Edge Industrial Equipment OEM Machinery IoT Cloud ENDIAN CONNECT PLATFORM COLLECTOR ' Talks with the Machines and Devices in the field to collect Data ' Supports the main industrial protocols: Modbus, S7, OPCUA and MQTT'. ' Can be easily extended for proprietary or custom protocols (SDK) ' Integrates with the centralized management of the Switchboard ' Sends data to the Switchboard over a secure MQTT connection NEW - 4I APPLIANCE ' Powerful Intel Apollo Lake Multi Core Processor ' Elegant Full Metal Chassis with Wall and Din-Rail Option ' 2x GBit Ethernet ' Wi-Fi and 3G/4G Support (Optional) ' Power Supply: 5V +- 5% ' Dimensions: 105mm x 100mm x 45mm ' Operating Temperature: 32-140F / 0~60C SECURE REMOTE APP C O N N E C T Connect App: Complete Remote Access ' Full software client (requires app install) ' Provides one-click access to endpoint(s)/ application(s) ' Can be used to also provide full network access (i.e. traditional VPN client) ' Available for Windows and Mac platforms WEB C O N N E C T Connect Web: Remote Access with a Browser ' Web-based client requires zero install ' Provides one-click access to endpoint(s)/supported application(s) ' Works on any platform with HTML5 browser including mobile devices (iOS, Android, etc.) RDP VNC HTTP / HTTPS SSH / Telnet Supported Apps ENDIAN CONNECT PLATFORM See Your Network Like Never
' Live map view shows all sites worldwide ' Drill down to get detailed device/user info ' See who is connected where or get connected instantly using map view ' Dashboard shows entire statistics on users, devices and endpoints ENDIAN CONNECT PLATFORM LIVE MAP / DASHBOARD ENDIAN CONNECT PLATFORM BIG DATA ARCHITECTURE Centralized Management Machinery / Equipment 4i Edge / Collector Internet Corporate Network (On-Premise) Local Staff Big Data / Dashboard IT Staff Analyze / Optimize Access / React Extract / Monitor Manage / Operate ' Centralized Management and Monitoring
' Predictive Maintenance and Analysis
' Collective Dashboard and Intelligence Automation Staff Industrial Network (Field) ' Machine Data Extraction and Automation
' Local Monitoring and Dashboard (Fog)
' Secure Connectivity and Data Forwarding VPN VPN MQTT THE BIG DATA CHALLENGE ENDIAN CONNECT PLATFORM ' Without data it's not possible to analyze and optimize processes ' Vendors need to quickly adapt and react to new market requirements ' Unplanned Maintenance and Machine downtime cause huge costs ENDIAN CONNECT PLATFORM BIG DATA / ANALYTICS ' Centralized data collection, aggregation and analysis ' Real-time log analysis, reporting and search capabilities ' Build your own dashboard to show only relevant information ' Collect logs from virtually any machine/device (including Endian) ' Increase productivity with Predictive Maintenance Monitor and Analyze Your Infrastructure ENDIAN CONNECT PLATFORM ANALYTICS DASHBOARD CASE STUDY: ENERGY AND UTILITIES Challenge:
Run remote diagnostics and
deliver software updates to gas
engines for distributed power
generation. Solution:
Endian 4i device installed directly
into the endpoint to enable remote
servicing and maintenance.
Endian Connect Switchboard for
granular management of access
privileges. CASE STUDY: MEDICAL DEVICES Challenge:
Connect diagnostic equipment
located in hospitals and
laboratories to insecure LAN
segments for remote monitoring
and predictive maintenance. Solution:
Attach 4i Edge device to every
machine to get plug-and-protect
security deployed with zero
training for field service personnel.
Remote management and central
monitoring via Endian Connect
Switchboard. 'With Endian we achieved two goals,
we maximized the productivity of our
staff and dramatically reduced our
reaction times, to further improve our
high customer service and quality
standards.' Elena Lattuada,
Werfen International
Service Manager
Seamlessly integrate ships into
the corporate network over
satellite connectivity to provide
crew welfare, tracking and
monitoring of ships as well as
telemedicine for remote care. Solution:
Endian Connect and Endian UTM
appliances for secure VPN
connectivity to the corporate
network and Endian Hotspot to
manage safe internet access for
the crew and the captain. 'Endian's scalable and reliable
technology provides excellent support
to our communication system: it
seamlessly integrates into our network
and effectively manages satellite
connectivity. As a result it enables
prompt and secure remote intervention,
even under critical conditions." Michel Verbist,
Head Business Development
Satellite Services
INDUSTRY 4.0 IN A BOX ENDIAN CONNECT PLATFORM DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PR HIGHLIGHTS Endian wins the first INDUSTRY 4.0 IN A BOX ENDIAN CONNECT PLATFORM PRESS HIGHLIGHTS OF 2018 41 articles published 3 milion readers in the main Endian target groups Connect your Machines and Devices Enable Security and Remote Access Manage Users, Processes and Applications Centrally Manage your Appliances Collect, Monitor and Analyze Data Embrace Predictive Maintenance Welcome to Industry 4.0 Endian provides all the tools in a single platform 7 STEPS TO DIGITAL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 PROOF OF CONCEPT (POC) ' We ship a pre-configured Hardware/Virtual Gateway ' We connect and protect your Machine/Equipment ' We configure the data Collector to extract your Data ' We create a Dashboard based on your concept ' You enjoy the first step of your Digital Transformation Start your Secure Digital Transformation Copyright 2017
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