La fabbrica flessibile: la piattaforma A4BLUE ricolloca il lavoratore al centro

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- FOF-04-2016 - Continuous adaptation of work environments with changing levels of automation in evolving production systems
To support this objective the key features are:
1) Adaptability: by providing an open, secure, configurable, scalable and interoperable aptation management and assistance system (A4BLUE adaptive framework);
2) Interaction: by providing a set of safe, easy to use, intuitive and personalised and context aware multimodal human-automation interaction mechanisms;
3) Sustainability: by providing methods and tools to determine the optimal degree of automation of the new assembly processes that combine and balance social and economic criteria to maximize long term worker satisfaction and overall performance.
Project overview: A worker centered approach.

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Fonte: SAVE Milano aprile 2019 Dagli Smart Instruments al Cloud
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