H2 Gas Monitoring
for research, production, logistics and mobility

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The use of hydrogen as an energy carrier of the future is manifold. In addition to its
use in welding or as a fuel for rockets, the focus is currently mainly on the automotive
sector. H2 is a very reactive gas, which makes constant monitoring by a gas detection system throughout the entire life cycle essential.

For successful gas monitoring, the SIL2-certified PolyXeta® sensor with X-Change technology is used. The permanent gas monitoring serves the primary explosion protection and thus also the plant safety

Hydrogen is an excellent energy carrier, but it is also one of the most difficult substances to transport anywhere. The extreme danger of hydrogen leaks lies here in the oxyhydrogen explosion. During research work, on test rigs and during the production of the gas, leakages can occur at any time and cause catastrophic damage in the event of ignition. Warning systems must also be installed in hydrogen production from ammonia and in filling stations to protect people and systems from this highly flammable gas

- SIL2-certified PolyXeta® sensor for ATEX zones 1 and 2
- Metrological testing of sensors and devices according to EN 60079-29-1 for combustible gases/ EN 50104 for oxygen
- Cost-reduced calibration through sensor head exchange on site (X-Change technology)
- Solution for individual requirements, easy mounting by means of mounting bracket
- Easy connection to existing systems (analog, Modbus)
- 2 potential-free relays, e.g. to control warning devices

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Richiedi informazioni a MSR-Italy

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