Functional Safety in Today's Connected World

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Functional safety is a well-established field of application today. Technological advances, mainly from other areas, have initiated major changes in many industries. It is therefore necessary to understand if and how realization of functional safety has to evolve in the future. This presentation will explore trends in safety and security that are being imposed by both customer needs and technological advances, as well as discussing HIMA’s future plans and how we will react to upcoming challenges

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Roma, 9 maggio 2019 Gli atti dei convegni e più di 10.000 contenuti su mcT Petrolchimico Rome 2019 Functional Safety in
Today''s Connected World
Dr. Alexander Horch VP R&D and Product Management © HIMA Group 2019 2 Source: McKinsey Global Institute analysis Potential Impact of IoT in 2025 Human Home Retail environment Offices Factories Worksites Vehicles Cities Outside Size in 2025 billion, adjusted to 2015 dollars total = 3.9 trillion-11.1trillion 170 ''1,590 200 ''350 410 ''1,160 70 ''150 1,210 ''3,700 160 ''930 210 ''740 930 ''1,660 560 ''850 Settings Major applications Monitoring and managing illness, improving wellness Energy management, safety and security, chore automation,
usage-based design of appliances Automated checkout, layout optimization, smart CRM, in-store
personalized promotions, inventory shrinkage prevention Organizational redesign and worker monitoring, augmented
reality for training, energy monitoring, building security Operations optimization, predictive maintenance, inventory
optimization, health and safety Operations optimization, equipment maintenance, health
and safety, IoT-enabled R&D Condition-based maintenance, reduced insurance Public safety and health, traffic control, resource management Logistics routing, autonomous cars and trucks, navigation Low estimate High estimate © HIMA Group 2019 3 Will the Digital Transformation
Disrupt the Process Industry' © HIMA Group 2019 4 Such massive concentration
needs massive connection. © HIMA Group 2019 5 Hazardous areas Functional safety Explosion protection Availability Reliability Efficiency This is not the
only answer. ' Modular, open automation
' Seamless integration
' Automation of Automation
' Use data for RAMS (reliability, availability, maintainability, safety) Consumer data ' Process data © HIMA Group 2019 6 Safety must remain #1 concern V al ue of up strea m lo sses (MUSD ) © HIMA Group 2019 7 Security: Main future safety threat # of known malware programs
exponential growth
> 500.000 new per day! © HIMA Group 2019 8 Big Data and Artificial
Blessing or Curse' © HIMA Group 2019 9 © HIMA Group 2019 10 © HIMA Group 2019 11 Image recognition using AI © HIMA Group 2019 12 © HIMA Group 2019 13 © HIMA Group 2019 14 Data is NOT the new oil Literally: No. - Data does not heat your home. - Data does not bring you from A to B. - Data does not earn money, advertising does. Economically' Not sure. - Remember Saudi-Aramcos annual profit' © HIMA Group 2019 15 ' Don''t panic. ' Companies paid huge amounts to store data - since decades . (''Turn data into gold'') ' The data was not used much '' more or less. ' Today, data is stored in clouds. Again at high cost. ' Do we know what to do with it' ' Remember: Data has to be used and refined! ' What is the problem that data shall solve' What we should do with data Michael Palmer (2006): ''Data is just like crude. It''s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. It has to
be changed into gas, plastic, chemicals, etc., to create a
valuable entity that drives profitable activity; so must data
be broken down, analyzed for it to have value .' © HIMA Group 2019 16 Digitalisation is different in each industry. Speed, time and degree of change are different. Each company in each industry needs to find its own way. Digitalisation means first of all a significant investment. The benefit will not be immediate and carries risk. 17 Security in
Functional Safety
© HIMA Group 2019 18 Identification of ' Wrong parametrization ' Manipulation of field devices Device Information: HART Data ' Increases plant security ' Decreases likelihood of incidents Security for Field Devices Connection to field devices must not put the plant safety in danger! © HIMA Group 2019 19 Ongoi ng pi lo t proj ect in BAS F Ger many Any HART communication and action must be controlled by the safety system! © HIMA Group 2019 20 HIMA Security Measures Security in Safety Instrumented Systems Source: NAMUR NA 163 Clear definition of
compartments and
conduits leads to clear
requirements for each
zone. Automation components
and infrastructure need to
comply with these
requirements. 21 Security Solutions Safety-System with built-in Security philosophy e.g. strict separation of CPU and communication modules High Resistance Firewall:
High-quality firewall for secure separation of zones according to Common Criteria* (CC) EAL 4+ Engineering Station:
Secure Windows environment including monitoring, hardening, encapsulation and connection
control Encrpytion:
Secure data exchange by use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Remote Access: Extremely secure remote-access to any location, including monitoring and tracking Demilitarised Zone (DMZ):
Zone separation of highest qulity by building a so-called demilitarized zone Datalock:
Secure lock-in and lock-out of approved and free-of-malware data Network Analysis:
System monitoring and analysis of the available OT-network (operation technology) Network Segmentation:
Segmentation of the OT-network (Zones & Conduits acc. to IEC 62443) Anomaly Detection, Monitoring and SIEM:
Recording and assessment of network activity Managed Services:
Patching, Update and Monitoring as a Service * Evaluation Assurance Level, cf. IEC 15408 © HIMA Group 2019 © HIMA Group 2019 22 Will the Digital Transformation
Disrupt the Process Industry' © HIMA Group 2019 23 Closing Thoughts ' Digitalization does not change automation over night '' but it does. ' In safety automation new technologies need to be considered carefully '' start from the problems you want to solve. ' Safety systems are treated conservatively, for good reasons. © HIMA Group 2019 24 E-mail:
Website: HIMA Group Albert-Bassermann-Str. 28
68782 Brühl, Germany Phone: +49 (0) 6202 / 709-878
Mobile: +49 (0)172 266 24 65 Alexander Horch
VP R&D and Product Management Thank You.

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