Evaluation of failures in mechanical crankshafts of automobile based on expert opinion

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Following the views and analyses of opinions of the experts, it can be concluded that the failure of crankshafts in automobile is largely caused by oil leakages in engines, overloading, misalignment, poor surface finish, misassembling, poor reconditioning of thrust bearing and adulterated engine oil. Production of crankshafts from locally sourced materials, improvement on the maintenance of roads, good maintenance practice and educating the users of the vehicles among other measures could reduce mechanical failure on crankshafts. Besides, monitoring authorities or agencies should be set on track to check the production, distribution and sale of quality engine oil, in order to prevent adulteration of the oil. Appropriate authorities should be in place to ensure that vehicles are roadworthy before been allowed to be on roads.

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Fonte: Articolo Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis, 2014
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