Esoscheletro: la tecnologia che migliora il benessere e la qualità di lavoro degli operatori

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Exoskeletons as part of the factory of the future
Development Approach
Technical Features
Tests and Certifications

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Veronafiere 17-18 ottobre 2018 Vi aspettiamo a mcT Petrolchimico Milano, 29 novembre 2018 Cogenerazione Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore 27 ottobre Cogenerazione Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore Alimentare Alimentare Petrolchimico Alimentare 28 ottobre Alimentare Petrolchimico Alimentare Alimentare Petrolchimico Visione e Tracciabilit 28 ottobre Luce Energia Domotica LED Luce Energia Domotica LED Petrolchimico Alimentare Petrolchimico Petr Made in Comau MATE
Verona, 17-10-2018 Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 2 Macro Tends Automation technology continues to proliferate worldwide markets at a quickening pace, with adoption expanding
across an increasing number of verticals The increasing proportions of aged persons have been accompanied, in most populations, by steady declines in the
proportion of young persons U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 650,000 work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs), resulting in costs to
employers of over 20 billion dollars. These costs include
Worker's Compensation and medical expenses, the latter of
which are increasing 2.5 times faster than benefit costs Continued Evolution of Automation Aging Population HUMANufacturing and 'Factory of the Future' Importance of Ergonomics Distribution of population by broad age SOURCE: World Population
Ageing 1950-2050 600 550 85 68 65 65 2032 A u to m a ti o n S p e n d in g ($ B ) +13% 2028 2004 2012 155 300 2016 2008 2024 400 2020 2000 SOURCE: International Federation of
Robotics, Wall Street Research (2017 Smart robots Modular line setup Decentralized production steering Tool handling & management Predictive Maintenance Augmented reality Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 3 Comfort More
production Improve
quality Preserve
and extend
core talent
and skill sets The operator feels cared for Reduction of worker's fatigue during task execution Improve the worker's job quality Healthier, happier, and more satisfied workers Reduction of workplace MSD incidence Smart
and flexible
factory Employer
Work quality Worker's wellness Excellence Exoskeletons as part of the factory of the future Made in Comau Meet the team Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 5 Collaboration world market technology leader of non-invasive orthopaedic equipment Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 6 Ossur ' Global leader in non-invasive orthopedics ' Founded in 1971 in Iceland ' + 3000 employee ' Mission: improve people mobility Rudy Garcia Thompson
Swimming track and field Mohamed Lhana
Thriatlon Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 7 COMAU MI, USA MEXICO BRAZIL ARGENTINA SPAIN FRANCE UK GERMANY CHINA THAILAND RUSSIA TURKEY ITALY POLAND ROMANIA CZECH REPUBLIC INDIA CA, USA Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 8 Iuvo Iuvo is a spin-off of the Biorobotics Institute Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna ' founded in 2015 with the objective to exploit the achievements of national and European research projects Surgical robotics Sensor signal and
processing area Neuro robotics Artificial Hands Translational
neural engineering Wearable
Soft Robotics Made in Comau Development
Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 10 Reference Task Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 11 Rationale of the initiative 1. Learn about the audience for whom
you are designing
3. Brainstorming to come up with as many
creative solutions as possible
4. Build a representation for one or
more of your ideas
2. Create a point of view based on users need
and insights
Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 12 Approach Design, Test and Repeat: from prototype to field to final product Discover the need Design Proto II Proto III Evaluation Proto I Implementation Prototype Made in Comau Technical Features Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 14 MATE Overview The choice of assistance level is based on the
anthropometry and ergonomic considerations of
the user.
Calculation of the optimal assistance torque is also
strictly dependent on the task to be carried out.
MATE is composed of:
' Garment interface: all parts in direct contact with the user's body ' Mechanical shoulder chain: parts that facilitate the free movement of the user, such as sliding
and rotational joints ' Torque generator box: to store and transform potential mechanical energy of order to
create an adjustable assistive torque (7 levels) 2 sizes: S/M, L/XL All parts in contact with the human body are adjustable to any body shape Shoulder size
shoulder chain
waist belt
Sliding cuffs Trunkheight
Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 15 Features and Benefit Features
' Compact structure
' 2 sizes: S/M, L/XL; each size can be further adjusted
' 7 assistance levels
' Lightweight < 4.0 kg
' Easy to wear
' Highly ergonomic design
' Passive spring-based mechanism Benefits ' Reduced muscolar and cardiac fatigue ' Improved posture and reduced occupational diseases ' Improved job quality and work excellence ' Naturally comfortable and highly breathable ' Follows the physiological movements without resistance or misalignment ' Improved precision of repetitive tasks Perceived postural benefits Body adherence compactness Fatigue reduction Different assistance levels based on tasks and anthropometry Different sizes Lightweight <4.0 kg Wereability Easy to use Performance
improvement Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 16 How does it work The device reproduces all the passive degrees of freedom at the shoulder allowing the arm to perform its physiological movements such as: - Abduction- adduction (sagittal plane) - Flexion-extension (coronal plane) - Rotational (transverse plane) Generation of an assistance proportional to the torque generated by the upper-limb weight during shoulder flexion/extension movements: ' Zero torque at elevation angle 0 ' Max torque at elevation angle 90 ' No discontinuities during elevation ' Possibility of tuning the amount of assistance Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 17 Easy to wear Made in Comau Tests and Certifications Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited Laboratory Test 1 2 3 4 Number of operator tested: 35 Duration of test: 1 hours Activity: Static [1], Dynamic [2], Precision [3], Underbody [4] Evaluation method: Borg Scale and TAM questionnaire Main Feedback: reduce weight, improve the human-machine i
nterface, positive results in term of perception of muscle fatigue
after using it Professional support: Cognitive psychology 20 Field Tests (Field Tests Methodology Interview) 20 65% Of the operators perceived postural
benefits 85% Of the operators perceived a reduction
of fatigue of the shoulder and arms 55% Of the operators think the exoskeleton is
improving their working performance 75% Of the operators think the exoskeleton is
easy to use MATE: FIT TO WORKERS Made in Comau Property of Comau - Duplication prohibited 21 Certifications TUV Rheinland is the notified body used by COMAU for CE Marks) MATE Certifications will be based on ' Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) (Beginning of Nov.) ' ISO13482 (Safety requirements for personal care robots) (End of 2019) Comau attualmente in contatto con diverse autorit nazionali per la salute e la sicurezza
(INAIL Italia, SUVA in Svizzera, Berufsgenossenschaft in Germania) per presentare il
dispositivo e valutare la necessit di protocolli nazionali dedicati per l'uso nelle linee di
produzione industriali 22 Tests done @ Villa Beretta Villa Beretta - Clinical Rehabilitation Center (Lecco, Italy) o 15 healthy subjects are enrolled in the study o The test include electromyography and body kinematic measurements Internal reaching sealing under car body 23 Measurement apparatus Motion tracking by means of BTS (SMART DX 7000) at 250 Hz, 8 cameras Six reflective markers were placed on: ' the processus spinosus of the 7th cervical vertebra (C7) ' the processus spinosus of the 5th dorsal vertebra (D5) ' the glenohumeral rotation centre for the shoulder ' the most caudal point on lateral Epicondyle for the elbow ' the most caudal-lateral point on the radial styloid for the wrist ' at the center of the dorsal pHRI of the exoskeleton so that it was possible to assess
the relative movement between the body and the device 23 ' EMG recording by means of BTS FREEMG 1000, 1000 Hz ' 8 recording sites: ' Deltoid Anterior ' DeltA ' Deltoid Medial ' DeltM ' Deltoid Posterior ' DeltP ' Pectoralis Major ' PECT ' Latissimus Dorsi ' DORS ' Biceps Brachii Long Head ' BIC ' Long Head of Triceps Brachii ' TRIC ' Trapezius Ascendens ' TRAP 24 CONCLUSIONS 24 Reaching tasks
Reduction of muscular activity of all muscles, but
the posterior deltoid Remarkable reduction (>30%) for: Anterior and Medial Deltoid (in frontal and
external reaching trials) Pectoralis Major (in internal reaching trials) Prolonged shoulder flexion/flex-extension
Reduced muscular activity up to >30% (Pectoralis Major and Trapezius) Muscular activity reduction increased along the prolonged shoulder flexion-extension Functional UL movements
Muscular activity reduction up to 30-40% (in particular, the Medial Deltoid, Pectoralis Major
and Trapezius) pHRI
It resulted quite stable over time; relative movements in the range of 1mm). Made in Comau Thanks October 17 2018

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