Engimat International Srl: GRAYLOC Clamps as Safer Connectors for Piping in Oil & Gas and Hydrogen Plants

Engimat International Srl is the Italian distributor of GRAYLOC clamps that are connectors for piping and pressure vessels, used in traditional Oil & Gas and Renewable Energies plants.
Clamps are safer than common flanges thanks to their special technology, so they are ideal for Hydrogen being highly flammable and whose leaks generate serious fire risks.

Engimat International Srl is representative and distributor in Italy of GRAYLOC PRODUCTS LTD. (a division of "Oceaneering International"), which is a world leading manufacturer of CLAMPS that are connectors for piping and pressure vessels.

Clamps are used:

- in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power plants
- in Renewable Energies plants, such as Biogas and Hydrogen plants
- in critical conditions (even extreme) with high pressures and high/low temperatures

Engimat points out that clamps are better than common ANSI or API flanges. Clamps are superior to flanges for many reasons. Firstly, they are more reliable and safer, especially for more demanding and risky applications, thanks to their technology named "Metal to Metal Sealing". This technology has been field-proven for decades.

Clamps are also ideal for Hydrogen, precisely because of safety required in such plants where hydrogen is highly flammable and whose leaks generate serious fire risks.
Grayloc Clamps Survive High-Pressure Hydrogen Fire with Sealing Integrity Intact.

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