CyberSecurity vs Business: come conciliare gli obiettivi di business con le esigenze di protezione

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1- Business vs.CyberSecurity a different perception of value
2- Adaptive Sourcing as enbler of bimodal IT standardization and transformation
3- Cloud Transformation flexibility and security benefits

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mcT Cyber Security novembre 2018 Cyber Security per l'industria nel mondo Cloud e I-IoT

da Benedetta Rampini
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Milano, 29 novembre 2018 Gli atti dei convegni e pi di 10.000 contenuti su Cyber Security Alimentare Petrolchimico Petr 1 luned 3 dicembre 2018 luned 3 dicembre 2018 How to match industry business
requirements with the need for protection
LUCA MAZZOCCHI ANIPLA ' 29th November 2019 Cyber Security VS
2 luned 3 dicembre 2018 Saipem is one of the world leaders in drilling services, as well as in the engineering, procurement, construction
and installation of pipelines and complex projects, onshore and offshore. The company has distinctive
competences in operations in harsh environments, remote areas and deepwater. Saipem provides a full range of
services with 'EPC' and 'EPCI' contracts (on a 'turn-key' basis) and has unique capabilities and assets with a
high technological content. Our Numbers SAIPEM TODAY: THE COMPANY 3 luned 3 dicembre 2018 NEW COMPANY ORGANIZAITON 4 luned 3 dicembre 2018 Agenda Business vs.
a different perception
of value Adaptive Sourcing
as enbler of bimodal
standardization and
transformation Cloud
flexibility and
security benefits 1 2 3 5 luned 3 dicembre 2018 Business vs. Cybersecurity Quick & dirty Business no limits Flessibilit Design Policy Control A different perception of value 1 6 luned 3 dicembre 2018 Usability: from technology to user Technology and security can become
enablers to the user activity,
making available tools for safe access e.g.
' secure publishing of applications ' protected and anti-fraud
authentication ' data protection Secure Network Secure Endpoint Secure Mobile Identity Data USER 1 Connection to the user 7 luned 3 dicembre 2018 Adaptive sourcing and bimodal IT
Standardization and transformation
' Speed to market
' Business demand Innovate Differentiate Run ' Change management ' Standardization
' Rationalization
' Service level 2 8 luned 3 dicembre 2018 New IT operational approach: Adaptive Sourcing
Gain of agility
01 02 03 05 04 Design ' Centralized security
business model ' Tiered Security metrics ' Security control
Framework Run ' Run-the-business ' Accountable, cost
focused ' Monitoring and control Adapt ' Combat security risks with
an adaptive approach ' Closed loop remediation Differentiate ' Demand and process
improvement-driven ' Medium term life-cycle ' Ongoing security optimization
and automation Define & Innovate ' Determine problem, strategic
goals and business needs. ' Fast, innovation focused and
dynamic 2 9 luned 3 dicembre 2018 Cloud Transformation HQ Monitoring Centralised Level-up Services Compliance Centralized data in order to
achieve efficiency and
governance of Corporate data. Services are constantly up-to-
date, connected with the
evolution of technology trends Data are constantly monitored in
order to identify any anomalies
that may compromise Corporate
information. The auditing process verifies
that the data processed by the
information systems are correct,
complete and properly used. Flexibility and security benefits 3 10 luned 3 dicembre 2018 LUCA MAZZOCCHI
ITSER - IT Security Services Leader
Information and Communication Technology

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