Conversione elettrica di potenza negli elettrolizzatori e fuel cell

Energy efficiency in hydrogen electrolysis

(in lingua inglese)
- Electrolysis - a key element in electrification
- Hydrogen Electrolysis Powered by Danfoss
- H2 Production cost
- Electrolyzer plant with SCR + STATCOM
- Electrolyzer plant with Danfoss Grid Converter
- Energy Flow Diagram
- Danfoss AC to DC converters for electrolysis
- Everfuel HySynergy Power to X plant
- Grid simulations of 1 GW electrolyzer plant with Danfoss Grid Converter
- Typical Grid Balancing services acquired by the TSO

H2 Production cost

(most important parameter - apart from the electricity cost)

- DC quality (Low ripple values, important for electrolyzer)
- AC quality (Low THD, less current in transformer and cables)
- Part-load operation

Grid connection
(important for the future smart electrical grid)

- Grid code compliance (de-risk project)
-Total Harmonic Distortion (no extra filters)
- Reactive power (decreased need to install new grid, voltage control)

Installation cost & time
(How the converter influences cost-drivers for the site)

- Compact converter leaves small footprint (no external filters)
- Modular design (ease of quick installation)
- Liquid cooling (revenue stream for district heating)
- Back-channel cooling (low cost, no air conditioning)

Uptime & availability

- Quality
- Robustness
- Environment


- Spare parts
- Easy replacement

Attached, you can download the full pdf of the presentation.

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