Controllo e Gestione sicura del dato generato, dall'Edge al Core al Cloud

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- What does "Going Digital" really mean?
- Big Analog Data
- Sizing delle informazioni delle catene Iot
- Predictive Maintenance
- Visual Remote Guidance
- Elements for the Internet of Things
- Connectivity & Security from Edge to Cloud, Edge, Plant & Data Center

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Atti di convegni o presentazioni contenenti case history
MCM Milano aprile 2019 Analisi, predittiva, monitoraggio 4.0 per l?integrit? di componenti e impianti

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Estratto del testo
Gli atti dei convegni e più di 10.000 contenuti su Milano Sergio Crippa '' Industry 4.0 Country Manager Intelligent '' Connected Customized Reduced Time To Market/Value ' Increase of reliability of sales forecasts (reduced time horizon) ' Reduction of the risk of production of a new product SERVITIZATION Pcompany= Ppeople * Ptech * Pdata Increase Productivity What does ''Going Digital' really mean'
Drivers Behavior Light Sound Temperature Voltage Vibration Velocity Wind Motion Particulates Magnetism Current Pressure Radio Signals Moisture Video Acceleration Time Location '' Is Big Data derived from the physical analog world '' Is sourced from nature, people, devices, buildings,
machines, environment,
things '' Is sensor acquired and digitized via A/D
conversion Big Analog Data Data comes from everywhere, not just Datacenter . Physical World, Natural phenomenon, Analogic source An Enormous Need Datacenter On-Premise @ The Edge + Cloud Enabled Hybrid Datacenter Cloud / On-Prem Sizing delle informazioni delle catene Iot Ma chine Sen sori PLC Production Plant BE-VM Win16 BE-VM RedHat OPC FE-VM
RedHat FE-VM Win19 30 bytes 64 bytes Production It Modbus Mqtt Profinet HPE Edgeline Hybrid Datacenter Cloud / On-Prem BE-VM Win16 BE-VM RedHat HPE Edgeline FE-VM
RedHat FE-VM Win19 64 bytes 18 Terabytes/anno Production It Mqtt Rate produzione
Dati accumulati al giorno Dati accumulati al
Accumulati in 1 anno 200 al secondo 50 50 x 64bytes x 17.280.000 '
50GB 50x30 = 1.5TB 12x1.5TB= 18 Tbytes 5 Machines 10 Engines Production Plant Predictive Maintenance Solution diagram and Data path Data Processing Analytics CONTROL ROOM AT PUMP STATION Visual Remote Guidance Elements for the Internet of Things ''Things' generate data and need control Converged Edge Systems Partner Ecosystem
Open, extensive, partner-driven Technology Integration Consulting Solution Partners Hybrid Infrastructure
Distributed, deep; From edge to the cloud Edge Infrastructure (Gateway & Servers)
Streaming, event processing, location and context aware Integrated Compute Storage Cloud Networking IoT Platforms
Enable and manage the IoT value chain Brand Platform Custom or Integrated Platform Security
Access control, device
behavioral analytics Connectivity
Connecting any device, any protocol over any network Wi-Fi LPWAN Fixed Cellular BLE Access points Controllers Switches Services
Advise, transform,
integrate, analytics,
governance IoT Workshop Edge aaS Policy Behaviour HPE Edgeline EL300 Intelligence from Edge to Core
Edge Systems
HPE Edgeline GL20 Connectivity & Security from Edge to Cloud
Edge, Plant & Data Center Software Stack...........if custom........
Also with Docker container & Interactions

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