Computational tool for sizing and assessment of grid connected photovoltaic systems

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The results presented by the program were validated using measured data from five GCPV installed at the Institute of Energy and Environment, University of São Paulo (IEE / USP). Table 2 shows the module type, PV generator configuration and the ISF for each GCPV analyzed. At the time of measurement the systems operated with the same inverter model: SB 1100. The measured power and the calculated values of the PV generator can be seen. The trace labeled as “managed” represents the amount of available PV power in the inverter input and the trace labeled as “to be inverted” is the power which was actually inverted after the MPPT and limitation processes. As can be clearly seen, the calculated trace was pretty close to the measured value, including in the most critical moments involving the limitation due power and temperature.

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Pubblicazione Energy Procedia, 2014

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