Comparative study of system performance of two 2.4 kW grid-connected PV installations in Tepic-Nayarit

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Two 2.4 kWp polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic systems have been installed in two distinct geographic locations in Mexico, in the near-coastal Tepic-Nayarit and in the inland-hilly TemixcoMorelos. During the July 2012 – Jun 2013 period, the mean daily energy generated has been 10.82 kWh by the Tepic-Nayarit PV system and 12.4 kWh by the Temixco-Morelos PV system. A better yield is observed for the Temixco-Morelos PV System, due to better meteorological conditions and the azimuthal angle deviation of 30° from south-toward-west. However, the performance ratio of 84.28 % calculated for the PV system installed in Tepic-Nayarit is higher than the performance ratio of 81.83 % obtained for the Temixco-Morelos PV system. The average daily specific system yield for the central northwest region in Mexico is 4.5 kWh per kWp polycrystalline PV module.

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Pubblicazione Energy Procedia, 2014


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