Combustion of plant biomass pellets on the grate of a low ower boiler

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The present study resulted in the following remarks and conclusions:
1. Physical and chemical properties of the pellets made from the rapeseed and birch biomass allow for their satisfactory and sustainable use in low-temperature grate heating devices assuming the optimal selection of the Artur Kraszkiewicz et al. / Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia 7 ( 2015 ) 131 – 138 137 amount of air supplied. In contrast, characteristics of the oil cake pellets did not allow for environmentally acceptable combustion associated with significant emissions of CO, NO, and SO2.
2. Increasing the air speed of 1 m·s-1 to 2.5 m·s-1, the combustion of solid biofuels under consideration, reduces CO
and SO2 emissions by at least 80%.

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Fonte: Articolo Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia, 2015
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