Bio Hydrogen and Steam Methane Reforming

Delivering competitive low carbon intensive hydrogen. A new generation of Steam Methane Reforming technology

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The potential of hydrogen as an energy vector has become a key factor in achieving a low carbon future The scope of this presentation is to provide an overview of Wood Blue Hydrogen production technology based on Steam Methane Reforming ( by means of a comparison with Autothermal Reforming ( and Partial Oxidation ( In addition, a first introduction to a new bio hydrogen production technology from Wood will be given.

- SMR is environmentally and commercially favorable for single train size installations
- Up to 95% CO2 emissions reduction (blue hydrogen), potentially carbon negative for bio hydrogen
- Optimized OPEX and CAPEX
- Lower power consumption and carbon footprint

Industry Recognition

- Wood pioneered the high pressure steam methane reformer design
- Designed and built over 120 hydrogen plants
- Supplied over 220 Terrace Wall Steam Reforming Furnaces worldwide
- Experience and Success in modular supply
- Wide production capacity range (from 3,000 to 300,000 Nm 3 /h, single
- Dedicated product line for small modular units
- Suitable for a wide range of feedstock
- Terrace Wall reformer design optimizes fuel and steam production
- Gas Heated reformer recently developed for small scale units <3,000 Nm 3 /h

Nella presentazione troverete approfondimenti su:
- Blue Hydrogen Technology
- HPU Pre Combustion Decarbonisation
- Comparison between Blue Hydrogen Technologies
- Wood's Blue SMR options vs. other Blue hydrogen
- Bio Hydrogen

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Fonte: mcTER Idrogeno - Milano giugno 2022 La filiera dell’Idrogeno in Italia: sostenibilità, incentivi, tecnologie
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