Bio-GNL e liquefazione della CO2

La transizione energetica: bio-GNL e liquefazione della CO2, un approccio integrato

(in lingua inglese)

Case study Darchau

- Overview
- Timeline
- Data

BIOGAS: 300Nm 3 /h
Biomethane: 160Nm 3 /h
LNG: up to 3tpd
LCO2 : up to 6tpd (industrial)
Tank, off loading, dispenser

Typical footprint based on 40ft container type size (from #2 to #4 skids ) for a f aster installation and startup thanks to a design completely pre assembled, welded, wired and pre tested. Since mid of May parallel use of membrane upgrading.

Liquefaction bio-LCO 2

From biogas upgrading or others source (i.e. combustion, syngas, reforming) the CO2 stream is:

- cleaned from micropollutants
- dried
- liquefied for industrial or
- food grade

Stand alone configurations or integrated with upgrading and methane liquefaction available.

- Modular configuration based on 40 ft container size in standard modules: 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 ton/day
- Food grade with pre assembled distillation tower

Attached, you can download the full pdf of the presentation.

Articoli tecnico scientifici o articoli contenenti case history
Fonte: mcTER Biometano-Biogas-Biomasse - Milano giugno 2023 Il contributo di biogas e biometano alla transizione energetica
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