Application of a mobile data capture, monitoring and verification instrument for solar thermal installations

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GIZ and SOLTRAIN joined forces, obtained the wholehearted cooperation of the industry through the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA = ISES affiliate), and very quickly identified the potential site for the Pretoria/Johannesburg (Gauteng) region. This was presented to the stakeholder meeting through the kind offices of the Renewable Energy Centre of Research and Development (RECORD) in Johannesburg on 7 March 2013, and was endorsed by general consent. The result was communicated to stakeholders, and it is the intent to place the GIS map into the public domain. GIS applications are being used successfully to overcome a monitoring and verification problem of dispersed solar water heater schemes of energy generation. The technology was also demonstrated in establishing a site with special demands in a rapid, transparent, and democratic way.

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Pubblicazione Energy Procedia, 2014

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