A ZVT–ZCT PWM synchronous buck converter with a simple passive auxiliary circuit for reduction of losses

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In this paper, the switching and conduction losses in the SBC were eliminated with the employment of concept of ZVT– ZCT. Apart from the main switch which is turned OFF under ZCT and ON under ZVT, the same replicated on the synchronous switch which is also turned ON under ZVT and OFF under ZCT. The proposed auxiliary circuit integrated with SBC can also e applied to other contemporary circuits; it is proved that the proposed auxiliary circuit achieves ZVT-turn ON and ZCT-turn OFF to both the switches. Particularly, the RR effect of synchronous switch is diminished through the proposed auxiliary circuit, which in turn minimizes the switching losses as correlated with contemporary topologies.

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Articolo Ain Shams Engineering Journal, 2014


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