Piattaforma IoT per la safety dei lavoratori nell'industria 4.0

Oggi nel mondo ogni 15 secondi 151 lavoratori hanno un incidente sul lavoro (fonte ILO). Nonostante l’adeguamento delle normative a tutela della sicurezza sul posto di lavoro, la salvaguardia delle risorse umane rimane uno dei primari problemi irrisolti del mondo industriale. Se l’efficientamento e la salvaguardia delle tue risorse umane è al centro della strategia di trasformazione digitale del business, Smart Track è la soluzione ideale per operare in piena sicurezza.

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mcT Industrial Safety & Security Milano novembre 2017 workshop

da Benedetta Rampini
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Milano, 30 novembre 2017 Gli atti dei convegni e pi di 8.000 contenuti su w w w . s m a r t t r a c k . i o IoT Platform for Industry 4.0 Workers Safety Smart Track' CMO ' Fabrizio Cardinali
CEO ' Saverio Pagano The 4th Industrial revolution Steam Engine COAL Assembly Line ELECTRICITY Automation INFORMATION IIoT/AI/Robotics BIG DATA FLOWS Key Societal Challenges Key Enabling Technologies & Resources Urbanization Massification Globalization So , what's next' Time to make safety
OUR industrial priority every 15 seconds 1 worker dies every 15 seconds 153 workers are injured as a result of occupational accidents or diseases
every day more than 5.750 deaths and 880.000 accidents are recorded
every year more than 2.1 Million deaths and more than 320 Million accidents source ILO (International Labour Organization)
Decent work is safe work!
4% of global Gross Domestic Product each year (source ILO)
225,8 Billion USD lost productivity in US (source CDC )
1 Dollar spent in worker safety grants 2,2 times ROP
(Return on Prevention) (source ISSA) 11 Million lost working days in Italy
30% cost reduction granted to certified Safety Solution (e.g. BS
OHSAS 18001) (source INAIL)

The hidden cost of safety Alessandro Cortese (SW Development Lead) Prof. Maurizio Valle (University of Genoa) Simone Peirani (CTO) Saverio Pagano (CEO)

Emanuele Castagno Advisor - CEO Polaris JV Rina Consulting & Ansaldo Energy) Fabrizio Cardinali Advisor - Business Angel (CEO Knowhedge) Business Dev Director Advisor- Large Construction Engineering Group Gianfranco Baldinotti Advisor ' Marketing Director Generali ITALIA Advisory Board The Team Main Prizes Overall winner of SMARTcup Liguria
Finalist for the PNI Cube (association for incubators of
italian Universities) National Award for Innovation
Winner of innovative startup development program and
innovative PMI of the Research & Enterpreneurship
Foundation (members: Leonardo, Fincantieri, Telecom,
Siemens, Intesa SanPaolo, IIT)
Finalist of startup initiative 2017 by Banca Intesa and
Winner of DIGITAL X FACTORY 2017 (call for a Industry 4
LightHouse Plant set up by the Italian Ministery of
Economical Development, MISE at Ansaldo Energia). Smart Track has patented a wearable device named WeTag' that workers may wear at their wrist, neck or belt
The WeTag' creates a Body Area Network (BAN) around the worker to track usage of personal safety devices and monitor his/her health ad safety conditions
If an accident unfortunately occurs, the Wetag ' hooks up to a secure and safe mesh network set up in the plant creating an Industry 4.0 Safety Ecosystem supporting intelligent
gathering & evacuation plans via rescue team apps and appliances The Smart Track' UVP Smart Track'

Building a safe & sustainable Industry 4.0 Workplace Version 1:
Context sensitive trigger
Accident story recording
Picture in picture integration in safety cockpit
Version 2
Intruder detection
Scene intelligence
Digital signage 3rd party extensions sample

Active Video Surveillance Version 1:
Circular Geofencing
CAN based automotive interface
On board device integration
Version 2
Man high management
Scene intelligence
Self driving car integration 3rd party extension sample

Logistic Trucks Active Control & Geo Fencing i n t e r n a t i o n a l The Market The Industrial IoT (IIoT) market was valued at USD 113.71
Billion in 2015
IIOT is estimated to reach USD 195.47 Billion by 2022, at a
CAGR of 7.89%
Safety is one of the main IIOT markets yet to be fully exploited Billion
$ Year 2,03 3,76 2017 2020 Industrial Safety Market + 11,06 %
CAGR 2014 Source:
Publishing Date: February 2017
Report Code: SE 2909 Intelligent Gathering Pathways Smart Evacuation Algos Man Down Man High Detection Badgeless Access Control Personal Safety Devices Active Video Surveillance Indoor Positioning System Man-Machine Collision Alert & Prevention Basic A dv an ce d Loc at io n Base d Gesture Control 3rd party integration api Offer Model 3 modular components + 3 party extensions APIs Who has chosen Smart Track'

Case 1 - Harbour Freight Management Active Geo Fencing retrofitting existing machinery Geo alarm with custom settable thresholds Forklifts control for load/unload operations International > 11 Ml TEU container management company Safety alerts for man down, hazardous areas and evacuation notification
Man/Machine-Robots collision detection
Personal Safety devices detection
Indoor tracking
Entry gates and video surveillance integration (optional)
Case 2 ' Oil & Gas Plant Leading > 1,5 BL Euro Oil & Gas company

Case 3 ' Engineering Company Global > 1,5 BL Euro enginnering company with
highly qualified rooms control
Personal Safety Devices control
Active Video Surveillance
Active Access Control
Rescue team routing & survivors head count The competitive landscape 1/2 There are several technical combinations for both IoT data communication &
transportation Smart Track OPEN FIRMWARE supports many radio technologies & sensors but
has prioritized Bluetooth & UWB as best base technologies for IMPROVED
SAFETY (but its firmware is capable to integrate any present or future IoT
technology needed to bring safety to your workers whenever and wherever
they need it!)

Smart Track is the first Safety Player moving to Bluetooth 5 now doubling
speed, extending range to x4, data rate to x8 and above all, enabling low cost
mesh networks Amongst the few Bluetooth and UWB solutions Smart
Track has key competitive advantages, namely:
First Bluetooth' 5 compliant Safety solution
Patent pending algos for Bluetooth' enhancement &
UWB based geofencing
Fully proprietary firmware easily extensible to
alternative radio technologies & modules The competitive landscape 2/2 Roadmap 2018: Home Market consolidation (Italy, Direct Strategy)
2019: Near Markets expansion (EMEA, Channel Strategy)
2020: Large Markets expansion (APAC, USA, PaaS Strategy ) 4 If your workers safety is
your main concern' 'then Smart Track
is THE answer! Cost Avoidance Worker Loyalty Brand Image Ethical Trust By making safety your nr 1 Priority not only you will save lives ' 'you will also increase Your Company's:
The Stakeholders CMO ' Fabrizio Cardinali
CEO ' Saverio Pagano

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