Le architetture IoT a supporto degli scenari di Asset Intelligence Network

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Smart Manufacturing
Reference architecture overview
Global architecture for Things connectivity
Use Case: Digital Twin
Use case: MII as a unique semantic layer
Use case: Asset Intelligence Network
Asset Intelligence Network

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Veronafiere 18-19 ottobre 2017 Gli atti dei convegni e pi di 8.000 contenuti su Cogenerazione Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore 27 ottobre Cogenerazione Termotecnica Industriale Pompe di Calore Alimentare Alimentare Petrolchimico Alimentare 28 ottobre Alimentare Petrolchimico Alimentare Alimentare Petrolchimico Visione e Tracciabilit 28 ottobre Luce Energia Domotica LED Luce Energia Domotica LED GIANNI PELIZZO SAP FORUM MILANO 17 | 10 | 2017 Le architetture IoT a supporto degli scenari di Asset Intelligence Network Techedge Fact Sheet Foundation Growth Rate (CAGR) Employees Offices Certifications Services Clients Clients Retention 2004 30% 1,500 20 EMEA, NAFTA, LATAM 1,000+ Business Solutions IT Services 150+ ~100% Smart Manufacturing: customer's needs Enterprise systems to Manufacturing systems integration Manufacturing KPI evaluation and optimization Big data analysis and machine learning for KPI prediction Global visibility of manufacturing plants performance McKinsey Global Institute Analysis Reference architecture overview IoT applications MII PCo IoT edge ' Cloud applications ' Enterprise Backbone ' Global Analytics Platform ' Machine learning repository ' Plant Level applications ' Operative Dashboard ' Data Streaming ' Machine learning execution Reference architecture 5 Smart Services Machine learning Business Logics Device connectivity Device Manag. Ingest Analyze Store Machine Learning ERP IoT Gateway IoT Integration Hub IoT Cloud Platform Global architecture for Things connectivity Use Case: Digital Twin Ideas Geometries Stress simulations Cost Designs The Physical World ENGINEERING The Digital World AS DESIGNED Closed Loop Engineering AS MAINTAINED Performance Issues Stability Cost OPERATION ' . . . DECOMMISSION Production data Quality fingerprint . . . PRODUCTION AS BUILT Ramp Up . . . SHIP AS DELIVERED Digital twin in action Integration Onboarding Monitoring Connect Action Connect Remote Products and
ingest real time streaming data ' Data ingestion: IoT Services or 3rd party cloud Create things model/Digital
Twins and onboard devices ' Digital Twins
' Manual and bulk on- boarding (form or
barcode scanning) ' Master Data matching
' Location validation Drive e2e Business Context ' Bring business context from ERP, CRM and etc. ' Replenish stock, create service tickets from
ERP/CRM ' Drive usage based billing with integration to billing
systems e.g. Hybris billing Any activity that results as a
direct reaction to insight
gained during monitoring of
on-boarded 'products ' Drive Predictions
' E-mail notifications
' Push notifications
' Alerts Gain business insights on
usage, location ' Asset map overview
' Analysis rules definition
' Alert monitoring
' Geo-matching (between device and outlet) in CRM Use case: MII as a unique semantic layer Netafim is currently managing 18 Production Sites all over the world, with a flow of information now coming from the production lines there are several interfaces. Expected benefits
Built a semantic layer on top with one dashboard of KPI's Extract a stable environment (not only the KPI's but also a stable data-logging situation) One truth, one view on the real situation Manufacturing Dashboard Plant 1 MES Plant 1 MES Plant 1 MES Plant 1 MES Plant 1 MES MII 2 MII 3 MII 1 SAP ERP SAP Cloud Platform (HCP) ' Local Real Time Dashboards ' Unique Semantic Layer ' Global dashboards ' Data consolidation for future developments BI & Dashboards (Lumira) Repair Manual Declaration of CE Conformity ATEX Certificate Inspection Manual Inspection Schedule Statutory Check Manual Statutory Check Schedule tbc. ' Bil of Materials Bil of Capital Spare Parts Specification Sheet Use case: Asset Intelligence Network Engineering Procurement Construction Commissioning Operation Inspection, Statutory checks Overhauling Upgrading Decommissioning Assembly Data Sheet Mechanical Drawing Wiring Diagram Maintenance Manual Maintenance Schedule Operations Manual Model specific Equipment specific Generic Documents Spare Parts Technical Characteristics AC M E Asset Intelligence Network Use case: global manufacturing cockpit Seamlessly Integrated Business Processes: Top 5 Scenarios ' Top Floor to Shop Floor Live response in production planning and scheduling for high flexibility with last minute demand changes Manufacturing execution & orchestration of the automation layer in lot size of 1 ' Machine-to-Machine communication ' E-Commerce integration : Sales order entry with configuration and personalization for individualized products ' Machine Cloud integration ' Direct replenishment , Outsourcing Insight-to-Action based on machine & business data for high transparency Service Provider E-Commerce Consumer/ Customer Machine Cloud ERP SAP Manufacturing Execution Suite Supplier Top Floor Shop Floor 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 5 4 3 4 Business Networks SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights Monitor Global KPI Performance Monitor Plant level KPI Performance Personalized user Launch pad for KPI to be monitored frequently- Standard and Personalized This document and the information contained herein are proprietary to Techedge. This document, either in whole on in part, may not be reproduced in any form or by any means without Techedge's prior written permission. Any third-party names, trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are the property of their respective owners. Copyright 2017 Techedge Al Rights Reserved.

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