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Understanding both emotional and physical dimension
Create a totally new paradigm for food fabrication
FooDigiFab is an on going research lab to shape food, using an iterative approach and genetic algorithms to define a new food alphabet.

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mcT Visione e Tracciabilità - Verona ottobre 2016 Tecnologie di visione e sistemi RFID nell’industria digitalizzata: scenari e casi applicativi

da Alessia De Giosa
mcT Visione e Tracciabilità - Verona 2016Segui aziendaSegui


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Veronafiere 20 ottobre 2016 Gli atti dei convegni e più di 7.000 contenuti su ENGINE ERING FOOD 3D PRINTING CO-FOUNDER MAKEINBO FABLAB ARCHI TECTURE ''3D printers are the future!' (') agosto 2011, cantina, tra un tuffo e un altro, costruivo una Prusa I3 Diatom_Helmet BIO-INSPIRED HELMET from Diatom algae growth process.
From an idea developed with Paula_Studio(Roma)
for Diatom_De-Science
(Città della Scienza, Napoli) Food Innovation Program NonnaBot From an idea of Francesco Bombardi e
Marcello Ligabue, hardware
development by ZTM Mechatronics,
algorithms Antonio Gagliardi ManyShapes - Generative Design for food fabrication Many_Shapes Chocolate experiment: designing a shape using thin surfaces to fake mass quantity. Many_Shapes The main driver is perception: What if shape can affect satisfaction' tasting sessions and interviews showed that there is a relation between the seen and the satiety. Food Innovation Program showcase, Google HQ, London FLAVOR STYLES CUBE 1 6 5 7 2 3 6 8 neutral dry 4 high balance 8 FLAVOR STYLES based on
differences in
Peter Klosse - Flavour Theory What if we could design our own flavour using a scientifical approach' What if we could fabricate food customized around what we need and what we want' EMOTIONAL DIMENSION PHYSICAL DIMENSION NEXT STEPS Understanding both emotional and physical dimension Create a totally new paradigm for food fabrication FooDigiFab is an on going research lab to shape food, using an iterative approach and genetic algorithms to define a new food alphabet. The first prototype has been made during MakerFaire 2016 - Rome FOOD TECH JUNGLE IS A COLLABORATIVE PLATFORM BORN TO TEST, PROTOTYPE, CREATE AND CAPTURE FOOD''S INNOVATIONS A COLLABORATIVE CIRCLE, A RESEARCH FACILITY AND A POWERFUL PROCESS TO GENERATE IDEAS A POP UP RESTAURANT BORN TO TASTE AND TEST THE KITCHEN OF THE FUTURE FUNDING TEAM Future Food is an entire ecosystem that makes food innovation a key tool to tackle the great challenges of the future, connecting with the world while
promoting the local territory, food rituals and food heroes.
This comprehensive ecosystem centers around education, the Future Food Institute, through its precious global partnerships, the Food Innovation Program,
Officucina, Food Tech KidsLab, the Young Talent Academy and the numerous international projects provide a true platform of positive cross-pollination and
constant inspiration. Created specifically for the Food Innovation Program, Officucina is an exclusive kitchen hybrid maker space for food innovators that blends
culinary tools with 3D printers, laser cutters, sensors, Arduino, and more, offering a unique and creative learning experience for students to develop their
prototypes. It is used as a platform for exploration and creation, combining the facilities of an office and a kitchen, to experiment with food innovation in real
The ecosystem is also an accelerator that supports companies in the sector and institutions on the paths towards open innovation, as well as nurturing
communities of young entrepreneurs and scientists with "disruptive" ideas through laboratories and the Future Farm project that is a real, working farm for
startups in the Agtech sector. FOOD TECH JUNGLE IS GREEN IS NATURAL IS DIGITAL FOOD TECH JUNGLE IS THE HOUSE OF MACACO MACACO IS A FOOD HACKER MACACO is an intelligent, playful and kind team worker MACACO protects the jungle, respects the nature and loves the planet MACACO is curious MACACO is a geek PEOPLE SCIENCE DESIGN TECHNOLOGY TASTE TRUEFOOD NEWFOOD SUPERFOOD TRADITIONS. INNOVATION. MACACO IS EXPLORING COLLISIONS BETWEEN: PROTOTYPE 1 MAKER FAIRE 2016 ROME 4-16 October ''16 October 14-16, Rome Exhibition Center in Rome, Italy: Maker Faire 2016. This year FFI has been appointed, by the organization that manages the EU Maker Faire for the European Commission, to develop a brand new pavilion entirely dedicated to FOOD! With over 600 inventions on display in 2015 and more than 100 thousand visitors, EU Maker Faire is the world''s largest exhibition after the Bay Area and New York. There will be hundreds of inventions and attractions from 65 nations. There will also be live performances, panels, workshops, seminars, conferences and many surprises in store especially for children who will enjoy a special Kids Area.
FUTURE FOOD IS KNOWLEDGE PARTNER OF EU MAKER FAIRE TAKING CARE OF FOOD MAKERS PAVILION IN THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITIES: KIDS LAB OFFICUCINA 2 CONFERENCES 10 GUEST PROJECTS ATTRACTIONS RISTORANTE DEL FUTURO 300 Sq AREA to set up a POP UP FUTURE RESTAURANT & MARKET featuring new kitchen equipments, new ingredients and super foods Food 3D printing, express EVO Oil, laser cutted pizza and more.. BadEggs Chefs & technologies ANTONIO GAGLIARDI 0039.329.4418410 tw: @ntotao

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