IIoT e Industria 4.0 per lo Smart Manufacturing

I moderni sistemi di produzione sono altamente complessi per garantire efficienza produttiva e velocizzazione dei processi. Spesso però, mancando un’adeguata gestione di dati utile a determinare la presenza di difettosità o anomalie, si manifestano rotture inaspettate. L’Industrial IoT ha come obiettivo la realizzazione di sistemi distribuiti con capacità di elaborazione, connettività e condivisione allo scopo di fornire all’azienda un supporto digitale per un piano di manutenzione predittiva.

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Veronafiere 18-19 ottobre 2017 !"#$%&&#$'(#$)*+,(-+#$($.#/$'#$01222$)*+&(+3&#$43 !!!"#$%&'()*$"+$& C ogeneraz ione T ermotecnica I nd us trial e Pompe di Calore 27 ottobre C ogeneraz ione T ermotecnica I nd us trial e Pompe di Calore A l imentare A l imentare P etrol ch imico A l imentare 28 ottobre A l imentare P etrol ch imico A l imentare A l imentare P etrol ch imico V is ione e T racciab il it 28 ottobre Luce Energia Domotica LED Luce Energia Domotica LED IIoT e Industria 4.0 per lo Smart Manufacturing Lodovico Menozzi Asset Monitoring & IIoT Business Development - Europe IoT is just hype IoT is real! Sell me an IIoT solution! Educate me SMART Factory Grid Machine City Car SMART Phone Wearable TV Appliances Home Connectivity Data Analytics INDUSTRIAL Internet of Things CONSUMER Internet of Things Based on Moor Insights & Strategy's report "Segmenting the Internet of Things (IoT)" ~50% OF CONNECTED DEVICES DEPLOYED BETWEEN 2015 AND 2025 WILL BE INDUSTRIAL 50 BILLION CONNECTED DEVICES BY 2025 The 'Things' of the Industrial IoT Production Equipment Transportation and Heavy Equipment Test Assets ' ATE ' HALT chambers ' Test cells ' Part-handling machines ' Packaging machines ' CNC and tooling ' Tractors and combines ' Earth movers ' Rail ' Pumps and motors ' Turbines ' Grid devices Operational Assets Production Equipment Transportation and Heavy Equipment Test Assets Operational Assets INCREASED UPTIME WITH PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE BOOSTED PERFORMANCE WITH CONNECTED CONTROL AT THE EDGE IMPROVED PRODUCT DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING THROUGH CONNECTED, REAL-WORLD DATA The Benefits of the Industrial IoT 'Global processing industries have reported losing $20 bil ion (USD) each year (or nearly 5 percent
of their total production) due to unscheduled downtime; 80 percent of those losses are preventable.' 'ARC Advisory Group 'Ninety-five percent of business leaders expect their company to use the IIoT within the next three years,
and 87 percent believe that it will contribute to long- term job growth.' 'Accenture ARC Advisory Group, Passing the Insurance Acid Test with APM, 2011
Accenture, Connected Business Transformation: How to Unlock Value From the Industrial Internet of Things, 2017 -Eric Van Gemeren, VP Flowserve 'We see a well -connected, predictive but practical future where the convergence of new technologies with ubiquitous data access allows our end users to monitor not just the critical few pieces of equipment but also the important many that really drive uptime in a process plant.' ' Eric van Gemeren, Flowserve Smart factories ' Operations optimization: ' increase productivity 10 - 25% ' Predictive maintenance: ' reduce costs by 10 - 40%, ' reduce downtime up to 50% ' reduce capital investment 3 - 5% Source McKinsey Global Institute IIoT System Architecture Sensors Edge Nodes ASSETS OPERATIONAL TECHNOLOGY (OT) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) Data Management Analysis Visualization Connectivity FLEXIBLE Integration
Enable data to be shared with third-party applications. IBM Maximo MQTT or HTTP Analytics process Dashboards Email Twitter CMMS Augmented reality ENTERPRISE IT Amazon AWS MS Azure Google Cloud GE Predix IBM Bluemix Other AWS APIs MS Azure APIs Google APIs Cloud Connection APIs Cloud Storage Predix APIs Bluemix APIs Other CLOUD STORAGE OPTIONS Server LabVIEW APIs Authenticate | Config Data Send/Receive | Cal Cloud Functions Edge System Asset Sensors & Actuators Data Acquisition Compute Visualization O pe ra ti on O pti m iz ati on PI Server NI InsightCM' M&D Center
Subject Matter Expert M&D Center
Maintenance Planner Plant Maintenance On-site Crew Operations and Control Plant Operator Generalized Industrial IoT Framework ' Flowserve Example Flowserve demonstrator PLC Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning ' Data Actionable Information Deep Learning Machine Learning Digital Twin Move&Store Data Collection and Instrumentation Digital Transformation Analytical Hierarchy of Need IOT Platforms Case Studies 3. Manual processes and human error adds risk to production Project Airbus Factory of the Future Customer Profile ' Commercial Aircraft Manufacturer ' '67bil ion Revenue, 55,000 Employees ' 17,000 Aircraft Sold Worldwide Business Need ' Increase Competitiveness: Increase uptime, quality and optimize workforce activity. ' Simplify the Production Process: Enable a smarter, operator-centric production that al ows operators and machines to col aborate in the same physical environment. ' Improve efficiency: Remove physical data logs and manuals, and automate tool configuration. 400,000+ Points that need to be tightened down in a given airplane subassembly 60 Aircrafts Produced Monthly 1,000+ Tightening Tools Challenge: Factory-wide Online Monitoring and Control 1. Manufacturing airplanes involves tens of thousands of steps 2. Process mistakes could cost hundreds of thousands of dol ars 10 Years of Backlog CHINA STEEL ' Developed a facility-wide monitoring system using edge nodes equipped with self-learning algorithms ' Experienced a 75% reduction in unexpected facility shutdown hours ' Also saved energy, reduced carbon emissions, and enhanced workplace safety 'China Steel prevented costly equipment failures and downtime by remotely monitoring their facility with an Industrial IoT system based on the NI platform. The system can quickly process and communicate large amounts of data to facility management and immediately detect facility abnormalities. Over a three-year period, the system reduced unplanned downtime from 250 hours to 65 hours, saving the company NT $350 mil ion (approx. US $11 mil ion).' ' Taken from published case study and English transcription of China Steel, FOMOS AI case study video JAGUAR LAND ROVER ' Manage and analyze up to 500 GB of time-series data per day ' Increase amount of data analysed from ~10% to over 95% ' Addressed more design issues, resulting in increased customer satisfaction ratings. "Within one year of developing and implementing this solution, we estimate we are now analyzing up to 95 percent of our data and have reduced our test cost and number of annual tests because we do not have to rerun tests.' ' Simon Foster, Powertrain Manager, Jaguar Land Rover A global FOOD leader increases productivity 5 to 8% improvement in productivity Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)
' Industry 4.0 ' Interoperability ' Real-Time Ethernet Information Technology (IT) Operational Technology (OT) Converged Network Standards Efforts Standards effort through IEEE 802 to improve latency and performance while maintaining interoperability and openness Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) will provide:
' Time synchronization ' Bandwidth reservation and path redundancy for reliability ' Guaranteed bounded latency ' Low latency (cut-though and preemption) ' Bandwidth (Gb+) ' Routable to support complex networks and wireless Time Synchronization System Configuration Traffic Scheduling Time Sensitive Networking: Key Elements New Features in Ethernet Standard Time Sensitive Networking TSN ' Communications Protocol TSN = Evolution of Ethernet Additional Standardization Investments Avnu Alliance
' Avnu Alliance ' certification body for TSN-based Ethernet
solutions ' Assures an interoperable and conformant ecosystem so system
integration is possible Industrial Internet Consortium
' Develops architectures to simplify multi-vendor systems
targeted at vertical applications ' Hosting a testbed focused on TSN for Smart Manufacturing Growing Ecosystem of TSN Vendors at IIC Key Facts:
' 18 Vendors participating today ' 6 Plugfests conducted ' 2 Testbed facilities ' Demonstrations at 6 major shows ' Collaboration with multiple standards Unlock insights from real-world data with NI's unmatched capabilities in measurement, control, ruggedness, connectivity, IIoT know-how, and an expert partner ecosystem. Optimize The 'Things' That Matter Most NI Industrial IoT Lab A Space to Showcase A Space to Innovate A Space to Collaborate Industrial Internet Consortium Testbeds Time Sensitive Networking Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Microgrid Communication and Control Industrial IoT Lab Sponsors TM THANK YOU!

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