Control Systems architectures and functions for OT-IT convergence

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-Resilient Operation means to improve flexibility and adaptability to business risks and organizational issues, safety, and environmental regulations.
-Business innovation creates further value for our customers, for example, promoting collaboration between customers and their suppliers via the cloud technology and providing services to our customers, creating a new business model for all.
-Optimized Production is to optimize TOTEX which means CAPEX and OPEX through our customer’s lifecycle. Furthermore, it includes value improvements related to productivity and profitability such as reliability, adaptability, and supply chain challenges.

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Milano, 30 novembre 2017 Gli atti dei convegni e pi di 8.000 contenuti su Control System Architectures in
the age of IIoT
Massimiliano Veronesi, PhD
Product Marketing Manager Process Automation
Yokogawa Italy Where we are About the
humans ' Traditional Architecture System Database Sensors input / actuators output
(I/O modules) Control
(CPU modules) Supervision System Network I/O Bus Local and/or Remote traditional Hwired I/O Field Control Station Up to 50 Km (by optical fiber) Local Node Interface Unit Remote Node Interface Unit System Network (1Gb/sec) Human Interface Station ' Redundant power supply, comm. modules and bus ' Local or remote connections ' Proprietary or public protocols Various Field Digital Communication Protocols 7 PROFIBUS-DP Module FOUNDATION fieldbus Module HART I/O Module N-ESB Bus Coupler Module Ethernet Communication Module New: Universal I/O Field Control Station Up to 50 Km (by optical fiber) System Network (1Gb/sec) Human Interface Station ' Redundant power supply, comm. modules and bus ' Local or remote connections ' Proprietary protocol AI AO AI AO AI AO AI AO AI AI AI AI AI AI AO AO DI DO DI Relay DO DI DI DO DO DO DO DI DI Relay DO Relay DO Relay DO Relay DO AI AO AI AO AI AI Pulse Pulse DI DO DI DO DI DI Relay DO Relay DO Analog Signal Digital Signal Mix Signal Device parameter setting & I/O check in the field without controllers ! Soft Cross-wiring Sma rt IO Sma rt IO Smart JB ' N-IO FO Cable Term in al B o ar d Term in al B o ar d Duct Terminals Marshalling - FIO Prefabricated
System Cable Instrument JB Homerun
Cable Field Field LCR LCR Production Management Process Control Performance
Optimization Asset Effectiveness Oil Movement Terminal Logistic Laboratory Data Integration Energy Management System Data Reconciliation Plant Performance Monitoring Production Management Production Supervisor Production Tracking Bridge to ERP Systems Operator Training Simulator Alarm Rationalization Operator effectiveness (Advanced Operator Graphics, Modular Procedures Automation, Control Loop Performance Monitoring) Advanced Process Control Asset Effectiveness Safety Assessment Cyber/Network Security New Functions in the scope of supply Reduce unavailability and poor performance Impact Occurrence Cyber-Security Smart
Maintenance Operator
Guidance Performance
Assessment Performance Monitoring
- Alarm Management - Control Loop Performance - Rotating Equipment - Partial Stroke Testing Operative Effectiveness
- Operation eLogBook and Guidance - Operating procedures execution - Operator Training Simulation - Knowledge Management Asset Optimization
- Predictive Maintenance - Remote Assistance - Intelligent (wearable) Devices for Field Operations - Lifecycle Management Cyber-Security
- Hardware and Hardening - Antivirus and WSUS - Network Management - Standard Procedures (backup, recovery, users
authorization and profiles) Improve profitability and quality Production and/or Savings Quality Integration
with LIMS Energy
Management Production
Management Advanced
Control (MPC) Advanced Process Control
- Complex PID control strategies - Adaptive Tuning - Multivariable Predictive Control Production Management - MES
- Production Tracking - Production Scheduling - Data reconciliation - Link to ERP Energy Management
- Saving by non-linear optimization - Simulation of different scenarios Integration
- Laboratory Information Systems - Oil Movement Systems System Database Wired I/O Remote Control Operation Remote monitoring Company LAN System network Bus I/O Information management Asset Management Field Busses interfaces (wired / wireless) Optimization APC (MPC, FLC) Extended scope Sistemi di controllo distribuito Safety Wired I/O Local Cloud Foggy Big-data | March 30, 2017 | Yokogawa Electric Corporation Operational systems architecture: layer to network 15 Layered Architecture Network Architecture Level 3 (MOM) Level 2 (Control) Level 1 (Field devices) Level 4 (ERP/SCM) 24 New Challenges for the
Control Systems Coming soon ' 27 Process Data Equipment Data Operator Data 3-Tier Model from Industrial Internet Consortium Yokogawa Electric Corporation Convergence of OT and IT Smart Sensing ' High reliability for operational safety
' High availability for operational stability
' Performance to improve operational productivity ' Problem solving and optimization by data collection and analysis ' Flexibility and scalability to address diverse and changing needs OT IT DCS SIS Big Data Application Operation & Control Analysis Mission Critical System 30 Connected enterprise
Beyond the plant Sustainable Secured Space IIoT Yokogawa Electric Corporation Yokogawa Enterprise Automation Architecture Supply-chain Collaboration & Optimization Cloud-based Solutions Remote Solutions IIoT Enterprise X Plant A Plant B Z Y Process Optimization & Analytics OT Operations Management & Control Mission Critical Solutions Edge/Fog
Operational Technology Information Technology Engineering, Operation & Maintenance 31 Yokogawa Electric Corporation What we see in the near future 32 Outsource non-core - Efficient production (optimal cost) to
deliver planned and optimal products
- Risk-based processes are used in all
decision making and action planning Safety systems
ensure inherently safe operations
with ever increasing span of control Sensors abound and
are directly accessible IIoT Supply chain is totally
integrated and optimized to
the maximum flexibility of plant
capabilities Green and eco-
friendly technologies
are preferentially used Collaboration with vendors and
suppliers is the norm taking full advantage of cloud technologies All information is complete, accurate and
consistent; securely
accessible anytime &
anywhere Experience and actions are captured
through machine learning and
analytical technologies to form a knowledge-base which supports future decisions Plant personnel are
supported and advise by
real and
autonomous Software-defined
architecture improves
operational resilience and
adaptability to changes Cyber-security is
inherent at all
levels Optimization of asset and production performance by simulation & predictive analytics to
optimize life-cycle CAPEX & OPEX | Company Presentation | June, 2017 | Yokogawa Europe B.V. Key pillars for Advanced Solutions 33 Operational Performance Business Performance People and Organization Operations Energy Asset Production | Company Presentation | June, 2017 | Yokogawa Europe B.V. Portfolio 34 Strategy & Business Excellence Cost optimization Margin maximization Organization Operations Energy Asset Production Operations Quality Safety Competency Management Change Management Permit to Work Management of Change Compliance Reporting Incident/ Near Miss Logbook and Shift Handover Data Analytics Laboratory Management System Advanced Process Control Regulatory Control Stabilization Operator Training Simulator Modular Procedural Automation Safety Function Monitoring Alarm Management Advanced Operating Graphics Asset Performance Analytics Field Asset Management Real-Time Energy Optimizer Combustion Safety & Optimization Advanced Process Control Platform Steady State Simulation ' Vision & Strategic Direction
' Value Chain Optimization
' Operational Excellence ' Market Insights
' Market Forecast
' Value Realization ' Energy Optimization
' Operational Integrity
' Reliability, Availability & Maintenance ' Supply Chain Optimization
' Facility Margin Enhancement
' Unit Margin Enhancement Performance Supply Chain Planning Scheduling Accounting Tracking Performance Dashboard Blend Property Optimization Off-site & Terminal Management Enterprise Data Historian Infrastructure On-Site Cloud Cyber Security Work Instruction Override Management Analyzer Monitoring | IAMKP-R-Z046 R1.0 | July 7, 2017 | Yokogawa Electric Corporation 35 Massive plant data accumulation and utilization for operation efficiency
and safety improvement
' Centralized plant data management Challenges Solutions Benefits ' Acquire data of both control system and other devices to utilize for various improvement activities ' Use data analysis to seek potential in optimizing plant operation
' Reduce operators work load and improve plant safety ' Acquire and accumulate massive, highly accurate, real time data over multiple plants ' Utilize collected data for a variety of applications
' Acknowledge and utilize data in the field using tablet PC
' Support OPC UA, which enables secured communication ' Use applications to identify and rationalize issues and realize continuous improvement activities ' Reduce work loads of operators by operating the plant efficiently and improve safety ' Respond quickly to troubles by sharing information among the troubled spot, central control room, and office Data utilization with various applications Varieties in data monitoring and acknowledgement methods Production management Quality control Maintenance management Inventory management Operation management | IAMKP-R-Z046 R1.0 | July 7, 2017 | Yokogawa Electric Corporation 36 Realization of plant performance just as-planned ' Co-Pilot program: Remote plant performance operation and remote consulting Solutions Benefits ' Unable to operate a plant as planned due to lack of experiences in operators and staffs ' Differences between production planning and actual performance
' Notify operators immediately when the plan and the result differ
' Need more tools and engineering know-hows to maximize profit and minimize risks
' Monitor production performance (planning vs. estimation vs. actual values) remotely by KBC consultant, review periodically, and
advise countermeasures ' Support customers with consultation when implementing their solutions ' Give advice when modifying production planning caused by external reasons such as economical situation, demands, and
performance of the production units. ' Achieve production performance as planned
' Expect annual ROI Challenges | IAMKP-R-Z046 R1.0 | July 7, 2017 | Yokogawa Electric Corporation 37 Supply chain visibility & collaboration solutions ' DaaS: Creating value beyond the plant ' Visualize the supply chain for proactive management
' Reduce cost on the supply chain
' Maximize the supply chain performance by managing the life cycle of equipment and assets ' Visualize the supply chain by Real-time Data as a Service (DaaS) beyond the boundary of a plant ' Inter-connect co-owners, suppliers, and customers with service-based collaborative business model ' Realize proactive supply chain management environment by tools such as dashboard, alarms, and report ' Improve lifetime performance of equipment and assets
' Reduce cost of overall supply chains Challenges Benefits Solutions ' Proven security & service level since 2000
' Experts in real-time data management
' 750+ satisfied customers | IAMKP-R-Z046 R1.0 | July 7, 2017 | Yokogawa Electric Corporation 38 Cloud computing to minimize community energy cost ' Community energy management system Smart community IIoT IIoT IIoT IIoT IIoT Plant A Plant B Plant D Office C Plant E Office F T&D network Gas Phased execution plan Visualization of co-generation operation Electricity demand forecast Optimization of electricity supply planning Energy management based on KPI Challenges Solutions Benefits ' Suppress energy cost by efficiently utilizing energy among industrial parks and complexes ' Appropriate power supply planning based on the energy demands ' Visualize operational status and energy consumptions using IIoT by configuring FEMS at each factory ' Connect each plant via cloud to predict and accumulate energy demands and make energy supply plans with optimized cost ' Operate co-generation system with high efficiency based on the highly accurate energy supply planning ' Reduce total community energy cost by configuring demand response (DR) system ' Work out peak cut or negawatt power by the DR in the community and respond to DR requests from the utility grid (*) FEMS: Factory Energy Management System * T & D network: Transmission and distribution network Cloud Energy management center Co-generation Solar power Power storage system CEMS IIoT | IAMKP-R-Z046 R1.0 | July 7, 2017 | Yokogawa Electric Corporation 39 ' Process data analysis Challenges Solutions Benefits ' Inconsistency in final product quality regardless of using the same materials and workflow. ' Occasionally receive customer complaints on quality even the products passed all criteria for delivery ' Avoid quality deterioration during manufacturing by judging at early stage ' Integrate multiple process values that influence product quality into one and simplify monitoring by threshold management ' Identify differences in batch patterns by comparing the data by the batches, extract feature value, and make it management index, and
detect 'different patterns from good products' ' Evaluate perspective during production and implement improvement activities by the customer and Yokogawa (from specifying a problem to
solve the problem) ' Visualize skilled operators' 'awareness' by data processing
' Enable predictive detection of quality failure signs before happening
' Prevent delivering defective products to reduce customer complaining by judging product quality during production Achieving consistency in quality by early detection of quality failure Batch ID In d ic a to r Do Check Action Plan PDCA cycle By supplying data analysis software enabling
customers to do their own improvement activities 'Process data analytics' Early detection of signs Managing index threshold (Alarms on/off) Indexed Indexed Continuous process Batch process | IAMKP-R-Z046 R1.0 | July 7, 2017 | Yokogawa Electric Corporation 40 Preventive maintenance reduces plant shutdown risks and equipment
maintenance cost
' Plant-wide temperature data sensing Challenges Solutions Benefits ' Reduce plant shutdown risks by monitoring the entire plant and taking preventive maintenance ' Identify the failed spot to take immediate countermeasures
' Difficulties in monitoring wide areas with the existing sensors due to technical and economical reasons ' Enable no-blind-spot temperature monitoring (not achieved by the existing sensors) ' Find failures and provide countermeasures quickly by detecting hot spots on surfaces of tanks and furnaces ' Apply a single optical fiber that goes 50 km, the longest in the industry, and capable of massive data sensing of 30,000
per 10 seconds ' Usable in flameproof area and no influence by the lightening or electromagnetic noises ' Real-time monitoring of the entire plant and its equipment status
' Minimize unplanned shutdown risk by preventive maintenance
' Improve profits by greatly reducing equipment maintenance costs DTSX distributed temp. sensor For IIoT For safety management Measure surface
temperature of tanks
and furnaces to enable
trend analysis Detect fires for equipment with long
distance (e.g. belt conveyors) | IAMKP-R-Z046 R1.0 | July 7, 2017 | Yokogawa Electric Corporation 41 Smart maintenance and real time decision making by supporting site work ' Utilizing Augmented reality (AR) technology Challenges Solutions Benefits ' Replace decrement in skilled engineers with IoT
' Eliminate human errors by reducing on-site work load
' View maintenance information and process values on-site
' Speed up the management's decisions ' Acquire and integrate operation and maintenance information scattered around the plant ' Display information and record works on site using AR technology and mobile devices ' Analyze the acquired records to improve the plant maintenance management work ' Improve maintenance efficiency and quality (reduce patrol time, maintenance cost, and production loss) ' Improve mean time to recover (MTTR) by obtaining necessary information real time and visually at site ' Accelerate decision making by enabling management to view the necessary data in the preferred format at any time Providing operation information on site and
recording & management of site information
Intuitive remote operation support Site Control room/office (Customer or Yokogawa) Transmitting visual work instruction using AR technology Sharing operation information by sending the screen capture Share site status visually via video communication Internet / Intranet SensPlus ' Buddy - Communication Support Service SensPlus ' Buddy - Communication Support Service Augmented Reality
' video calls
' sharing of image files, such as a screenshot taken during a video call, or when viewing a manual ' overlay of instructions on image
' Drawing on screen ' Cloud-based service
' does not require the installation of special hardware or software ' can run on any general-purpose mobile device or personal computer that has a web browser
installed ' Authentication: communication is only allowed between users in specified groups Envision a plant that Thinks and Performs ' A rethink of project execution in view of major shifts in technologies ' A need for end-to-end solutions and services for optimum plant performance ' An intelligent plant based on Smart Engineering, Advanced Operation, IIoT enabling technologies & Sustainable Plant lifecycle solutions & Services Yokogawa Electric Corporation Expansion of our value proposition ' Integrated automation solutions
' Reliable and performant automation technology YOKOGAWA KBC Advanced
' Strategic consulting for operations management
' Leading simulation technology for hydrocarbon industry ' Energy management and optimization SOTEICA VM Industrial Knowledge ' Secure cloud services
' Supplier/Customer collaboration 47 Yokogawa Electric Corporation Expansion of our value proposition 48 Yokogawa Electric Corporation Synaptic Business Automation 49 Resilient Operation
Resilient Operation means to improve
flexibility and adaptability
to business risks
and organizational issues, safety, and
environmental regulations. Optimized Production
Optimized Production is to optimize TOTEX which means CAPEX and OPEX through our customer's lifecycle. Furthermore, it includes value improvements related to productivity and profitability such as reliability, adaptability, and supply chain challenges. Business Innovation
Business innovation creates further value for our
customers, for example, promoting collaboration
between customers and their suppliers via the
cloud technology
and providing services to our
customers, creating a new business model for all. Thank you Any question ' 51 Proprietary info goes here'

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